Body temperature monitoring system for office employees

Project information

Task description: Implementation of a body temperature monitoring system into the company's business processes to monitor the physical condition of office employees during a pandemic and timely take recommended measures to reduce morbidity.

Equipment: Intellectual complex ITC080 based on a panel computer with a built-in thermal imager and a face recognition system.

Project description

To control the physical condition of employees in order to prevent the spread of the disease, the ITC080 body temperature monitoring complex was successfully integrated into the company’s corporate network.

ITC080 complex is a panel computer running Android OS. ITC080 is equipped with a thermal imager and a camera for the face recognition system.

The complex measures the employee's body temperature, the time and date of the measurement and links them to the employee's full name. The data is then saved to an electronic journal. The complex supports integration with a corporate messenger, allowing to develop a full-fledged control system, keeping data about the date and time of arrival of an employee to work and his health.

If the system detects an employee having high body temperature, it will inform him visually, and also alert his superior to take the necessary measures.

It is important to note that the thermal imager is not a medical device. It only allows you to quickly identify those who may indeed have fever, allowing to quickly conduct more accurate measurement.

For visitors, body temperature data is collected in anonymized form without keeping their names in the log.

The firmware can be configured so that the system only works under certain conditions. For example, denying to measure employee’s temperature if a face mask is not on.

Body temperature is not measured because the employee does not wear a mask.

The employee’s mask is properly on and the body temperature is displayed on the screen.

The monitoring system is located at the office entrance, allowing to timely identify people with high body temperature and prevent the spread of the disease by airborne droplets throughout the office.

ITC080 complex can be integrated with access control systems and turnstiles. With the face recognition function, ITC080 complex can be used not only to control employees’ body temperature, but also to restrict access to certain areas.

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