High Speed Rail Signaling System Security Data Network Solutions


The Rail Signaling System holds a pivotal role within the Train Control System. Its technology evolution has progressed from relay system interlocking to computer-based interlocking, and further to CTCS-2 and CTCS-3. Likewise, communication methods have transitioned from traditional hardwired systems and serial communication to modern industrial Ethernet solutions. In an effort to establish a new generation of security data networks that are safe, reliable, and adhere to standardized practices, the China Rail Corporation has introduced the Standards of High-Speed Rail Signaling System Security Data Network, Version 3.0. This comprehensive document outlines various aspects, including functional requirements, networking prerequisites, equipment selection, network architecture, network management, and more, for the Security Data Network.


System Requirements

Supports the isolation of different lines/bureaus through layer 3 devices. Supports Gigabit/100M fiber ring network and excellent selfrecovering performance in a huge network. The Signaling System Security Data Network should ensure the safe and reliable communication of security data between stations, relays, and signaling devices in control centers, such as RBC, TSRS. The latency of data transmission within network devices in each single node is less than 50 microseconds. The recovery time of the data communication within a single network is less than 50 milliseconds. The recovery time of the data communication between networks is less than 500 milliseconds. Supports network management system which enables the monitoring, recording, alarming and maintenance of the network connection status, device working status and devices operating parameters. Resistant to the strong electromagnetic interference and voltage mutations.

Why Kyland

Taking part of driving Standards of High Speed Rail Signaling System Security Data Network, Version 3.0, Kyland released Ethernet switches and NMS fully meet the standards. Supports layer 3 routing protocols such as RIP, static routing. Supports multiple ring redundancy protocol such as STP/RSTP, MSTP, DT-Ring and IEC61439-6(DRP). The recovery time is less than 20ms. Supports NTP, the accuracy reaches 10ms. Kyview and Kyvision 3.0 Pro network management system providing network monitoring and management. Supports optical power detection and data upload. Supports operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C Complies with EN50121-4, high EMC level.

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