Digital Oil & Gas Field Communication Network Solutions


The emergence of the digital oil and gas concept has brought about a growing need for secure communication systems. Establishing a dependable and robust automation network is crucial for achieving efficient production, minimizing downtime, and enabling effective remote management in the industry. It is imperative that all structures and offices within the oil and gas complex have access to real-time production data, field device status, and other forms of real-time communication, whether through hardwired or wireless networks. In this context, traditional SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) networks are responsible for monitoring and controlling the production process. Simultaneously, a real-time Ethernet backbone is deployed to manage and transport larger data streams such as video and data collection. This Ethernet backbone not only handles these data-intensive tasks but also offers an added layer of redundancy and security to ensure the integrity and reliability of the entire communication infrastructure.


System Requirements

  • Industrial level design offering security, reliability and stability for harsh environments
  • Ethernet backbone network capable of transmitting large IP data such as video, voice and service data
  • Self-healing network, quick recovery after network failure
  • Secure network, protects system monitoring from deliberate attack
  • Powerful network management for detection of network failures
  • Why Kyland

  • Industrial level design, wide operating temperature -40~85℃
  • Low power consumption, ATEX/IECEx certified
  • Auto-negotiable gigabit network, supports Jumbo frame, real-time data collection, video and voice transmission
  • Supports IEC62439-3(HSR/PRP), IEC62439-6(DRP), network recovery time < 20 ms
  • Supports network security protocols, encrypted data transmission and access control, IEEE802.1X, Radius, TACACS+, etc
  • Supports link detection, VCT(virtual cable test), remote maintenance and monitoring for network devices
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