Operator Panels and Terminals (HMI)

Operator panel and terminals are relevant for local controlling systems, when a task of input and alteration of technological process parameters occur in various system areas. By their appearance operator panels resemble panel computers due to their sensor screen, but differ with less computing abilities and can be controlled via special software.

The operator panels allow to solve the following tasks:

  • Substitute an expensive computer with a cheap analog
  • Perform visual monitoring of a technological process
  • Introduce changes to the controlled process
  • Control I/O devices locally

Functionality of operator panels and terminals

Operator panels and terminals allow the maintenance personnel to control the equipment locally, enter technological parameters into the system and perform visual control over the technological process.

In the IPC2U you can choose an operator panels and terminals (HMI) for building a local operator station. Operator stations can be distinguished by a screen diagonal, a processor and a type of communication interface.