Modbus & Industrial DIN-Rail protocol Gateways

Automation uses a huge amount of different industrial protocols, which are not always directly compatible with each other. Despite the fact that the devices use standard data transfer technologies - serial interfaces and Ethernet, the protocols themselves introduce a number of features into the principle of communications. For this reason, for full compatibility of products using different industrial protocols, it is necessary to use not a classic interface converter, but a gateway that will convert not only at the level of the data transmission medium, but also maintain the integrity of the processed information.

The section presents Modbus solutions with various port and interface options.

The devices reliability is increased, what allows them to be used to automate production and technological processes in critical continuous operation systems, such as water supply and sanitation, oil and gas transportation, retail trade in food and beverages and automation of chemical processes; they can be integrated into any large-scale distributed SCADA monitoring system.

Protocol gateways can be effectively used in the following areas:

  • water supply and sanitation;
  • oil and gas industry;
  • energy sector;
  • intelligent transport systems;
  • automation of chemical processes.
  • Modbus Gateway Functionality

    There is a big variety of modular gateways:
  • with a variable number of ports;
  • with conformal coating of printed circuit boards;
  • with an extended temperature range;
  • models with redundant power supply;
  • devices that comply with industry standards.

    In complex automation systems, it is often not possible to bring all equipment to a single standard – sometimes it is more economical to use protocol gateways instead of replacing blocks and bundles of devices. Due to ready-made algorithms, such equipment acts as a translator between protocols. Using gateways, each of the devices in the system exchanges information in a language that it understands, whether it be Modbus TCP, RTU or ASCII. Checking the integrity of the transmitted information allows you to avoid data loss, which is inevitable when using conventional protocol converters, and a number of additional settings helps simplify the setup and increase the reliability of the system.