CPU Modules and Embedded Boards

Processor Modules and Basic Boards

The processor module is a type of single-board computers which belongs to embedded computer systems. It is a small module on which the processor, graphics, network and other necessary controllers are located, and which can be installed on the base board of various form factors, such as ATX or EPIC.

Our company supplies the following types of processor modules:
The use of processor modules in instrumentation has led to simplifying and unifying of circuitry. It has become easier for developers to select the basis for new devices and, consequently, the release of products to the market has accelerated.

Processor modules, due to their diversity and versatility, have found their application in many industries:

  • production
  • automation systems
  • medicine
  • military-industrial complex
  • avionics
  • power engineering
  • testing and measurement
  • Functional Features of Processor Modules and CPU Boards

    The processor modules are divided into types ETX, COM-Express, QSeven, SOM, uProcessor and are distinguished by their performance, low power consumption and heat dissipation, as they are designed for embedded applications where the heat removal tasks inside a compact case are critical when choosing a module type.