DURABOOK is the core brand by Twinhead International Corporation. In 2000, the company manufactured its first military-grade rugged laptop, followed by the introduction of the DURABOOK brand.

The DURABOOK line quickly expanded to meet the demands of customers in a broad range of markets that require rugged mobile solutions.

Durabook Products

  • Foundation Date: 2000
  • Total Number of Employees: Approximately 450 people
  • Represented: Taiwan, USA
  • Production Facilities: Taiwan

About TWINHEAD Company

DURABOOK is the central brand of the Taiwanese corporation TWINHEAD. Initially engaged in the production of personal computers and peripheral devices, Durabook gradually built a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of rugged mobile solutions starting from the 1990s.

Today, Durabook offers a wide range of mobile solutions tailored to the diverse requirements of customers from various industries, including industrial, business, healthcare, education, retail, logistics, and the military sector.

Company Ideology

The internal design process at Durabook largely focuses on understanding the client's industry operations. Based on this understanding, the company offers unique product development concepts at a rapid pace to respond to changing circumstances. Having an ISO-9001 certificate ensures development and production at the highest level to ensure a sustainable and reliable outcome.

Looking ahead, Durabook will continue its proven strategy of comprehensive services, product diversification, and flexible manufacturing. Durabook will continue to offer various solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

Building on cutting-edge technologies and extensive experience accumulated over two decades, Durabook has established working relationships with key leaders in many different industries. Durabook continues to invest significantly in research and development to enhance its design and manufacturing capabilities for industrial solutions for companies worldwide.

Durabook considers its mission to provide unique customer solutions worldwide and contribute to the integration of its products.

The company aims to achieve excellence in developing unique solutions, strengthen its current positions, and further penetrate vertical markets to become a leading supplier of rugged mobile solutions.


Production Facilities

The company employs around 450 individuals, of whom approximately 200 are engineers engaged in research, project, and design work.

Taiwan houses the company's major technology center responsible for project design and production. The assembly of industrial laptops is located in Taiwan. The central sales office is in Taipei, Taiwan, while regional support and sales offices are located in the USA and China.


Durabook Products

Durabook specializes in the production of rugged mobile solutions, including laptops and tablet PCs.


Durabook Certifications

Durabook constantly strives to improve the quality of its products to meet and exceed stringent international standards and certifications, such as:

  • CE (European Conformity Certificate)
  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission - USA)
  • RoHS (Reduced Hazardous Substances in Manufactured Equipment)
  • ISO-9001:2008 (International Standard regulating a set of requirements to ensure high-quality and reliable production)