Multifunctional Automated Traffic Enforcement System (Mates) Strelka

Multifunctional Automated Traffic Enforcement System (Mates) Strelka


STRELKA is a fully automated non-intrusive multifunctional traffic enforcement system. Its main objective is to monitor the traffic, recognize types of vehicles and license plates, detect most of the traffic violations under any weather and light conditions and regardless of the traffic intensity, to gather and process data, produce reports to the relevant Authority and send a notice of violation directly to the registered owner of the vehicle.

This is a complete modular solution with fully functional hard- and software, including Hi-Tech vision devices as custom-made information and analytical systems. The use of the brand-new specialized high-resolution camera with an advanced dynamic range guarantees a high-quality video picture. Flexible system configuration and its adaptivity enables customers to choose from the range of options for efficient and cost-reasonable implementations. The choice of the type of the camera (color or black and white) and its sensitivity depends on the customer’s specific requirements as well as on the local legislation.

STRELKA is a revolutionary solution based on an extensive experience in development, production, implementation and use of traffic enforcement systems; it features application of a fast CPU, large memory capacity and a new fast communication protocol.

The system has a single-module design, light weights and low energy consumption. Benefits of this concept are:

  • No need for complex configuration
  • No need for synchronization of single elements
  • Reasonable installation and maintenance costs
  • Significant reduction of installation time
  • Simplification of the engineering process
  • Minimal requirements for equipment installation


This is a basic configuration which includes:

  • Video set with the integrated data processing system
  • Software set
  • Set of wires with connectors
  • Universal holder


  • 25-liter washing tank
  • Input/ Output control unit for connection to traffic light controller signal groups

Viewing angle and technical parameters of the camera facilitate detection of driving speed, paths of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, trains, etc. in the control area up to 16 m (5 lanes) wide and in the distance of 350 (500*) m long.




Capable of detecting a wide range of traffic violations.

Control zone: up to five lanes plus hard shoulder.

STRELKA+ Special version

STRELKA+ Special version:

Capable of detecting a wide range of traffic violations.

Control zone: up to five lanes plus hard shoulder.

Individual design.


STRELKA+ mini:

Capable of detecting a wide range of traffic violations.

Control zone: up to two lanes plus hard shoulder.



Capable of detecting traffic violations: «Hard shoulder», «Speeding», «Wrong direction».

Control zone: up to two lanes plus hard shoulder.

STRELKA+ Versions


With STRELKA+, each camera can detect simultaneously in real time up to 13 types of traffic violations. Once a single criterion of the violation is determined, it is sufficient for detection.

STRELKA+ detection

The system detects the following traffic violations:

  • Red light running and stop line crossing
  • Hard shoulder or sidewalk running
  • Violation of the prohibition on stopping or standing
  • Bus lane running
  • Pedestrian crossing running
  • Maneuvering violations
  • Entering the oncoming traffic lane, road markings violations
  • Overtaking ban violation
  • Speed limit excess
  • Overloaded vehicles
  • Entry to the intersection while the exit is not clear
  • Violation of turning or reversing prohibition or mandated direction
  • Railroad crossing violation

Innovative Tracing Algorithm

Innovative tracing algorithm of STRELKA is based on the recognition of the image of vehicle throughout the formed trajectory.

STRELKA+ enables continuous measurement (15 times per second) of several parameters of the vehicle, such as: speed, dimensions, LPN recognition accuracy, distance from the system to the vehicle, RFID tags or board tags (when applicable).

Speed measurement by means of video-generated images makes the system invisible for any antiradar. STRELKA is compatible with radar.

3 independent methods of speed measuring allow to achieve very high accuracy for speed detection:

  • ±1 km/h for the interval from 0 km/h to 100 km/h
  • ±3 km/h for the interval from 101 km/h to 300 km/h
  • The speed measurement with the use of the radar reduces the error to ±1 km/h (in the interval from 20 km/h to 300 km/h)
STRELKA+ - Continous measurements

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