13:36 20.10.2017
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Industrial Computers and Solutions for Automation and Communication
Frankenring 6 30855 Langenhagen Germany
+49 511 807 259-22,
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Solution for Smart Railway

This project aims to improve the freight rail services by focusing on making improvements on the main aspects: reliability, flexibility, costs and lead-time. With ISON and NEXCOM Industrial Ethernet solution can be perfectly implemented in different systems for smart railway application.

Intelligent Digital Surveillance for Transport

Using special equipment, it’s possible to build robust and secure intelligent surveillance system for transport, including fire engines, ambulances and police cars.

Intersection Monitoring Solution

Nowadays, monitoring solutions for roads are essential, because severe road accidents occur more frequently due to increasing numbers of vehicles. These systems allow monitoring intersections online, diminishing quantity of patrolling policeman, increasing the discipline of drivers and finally reducing the traffic accidents

Electronic Toll Collection Solution for paid highways

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System is the sophisticated technology for automatic fees collection at the highways. It is a completely considered solution which includes up-to-date equipment such as Industrial Managed Switches, RFID readers and fiber connections.
13:36 20.10.2017