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IoT Automation

Nowadays, the automation control system is being an integral part of the technological process at plant,
factory and production line. NEXCOM’s equipment covers all stages of technological process
for any industrial application and object.

Wireless Network and IoT for Industry 4.0

Wireless connection has several benefits compare to conventional wired LAN, because it easier
and cheaper to deploy. But for building rugged and reliable wireless application engineers
must have proven devices which provide wireless interface to gather data from sensors,
transmit this data through the network to the datacenter or to end user.

Office Automation

Nowadays, due to breakthrough of computer industry, IT departments face with a lot of challenges, such as regular modernizing and re-building of enterprise networks with conventional cooper cabling.

Factory automation

Constructing well-connected and reliable networks in factory plants faces several problems. First of all, some factory plants such as steel or automobile factory are exposed in the environment with dusts, high moisture, humidity and even higher temperature.
03:54 25.08.2019