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Small form and versatile Zypad-BR2000-2011R computer

If you are looking for a Small Form-Factor Rugged PC for your business needs then you should consider the Zypad-BR2000-2011R as a possible solution to your mobile computing needs. This mobile server/computer is ideal for in-vehicle applications where high power and versatile operations are needed. By using a low-power technology, the Zypad-BR2000-2011R is able to deliver amazing computing power on the move without requiring excessive power sources, making it the ideal solution for in-vehicle uses. The Zypad-BR2000-2011R is designed for use in local government, policing and military applications.

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Features and specifications for the Zypad-BR2000-2011R

It is the size and portability of this device that makes it so useful in many applications. Where there are people on the ground who need access to computing services, the Zypad-BR2000-2011R is the ideal solution. The Zypad-BR2000-2011R is also an ideal Vehicle-Mounted Computer.

Imagine a soldier, medical officer, miner or industrial staff member who needs to be able to access computing solutions or collect information while out in the field. The Zypad-BR2000-2011R is small and portable enough to be attached to a vest or other staff clothing, without interfering with normal movement.

The Zypad-BR2000-2011R is also submersible, so if users come into contact with water whilst out in the field, the device will remain in operation. The device can operate in temperatures from -40 degrees to 71 degrees celsius, so is a very hard wearing device that can survive even the most intolerable environments.

Although small, the Zypad-BR2000-2011R is not short on processing power. The device uses the famous Atom processing chip from Intel which has a massive 1.3 GHz of power which is more than enough for on-the-go requirements. To support the powerful processor, the device also has a generous 1GB of DDR RAM which can also be expanded up to 2GB where required.

Storage in the device is flexible, with an onboard flash drive, which is very high speed and can hold up to 32GB of data. For data flexibility, there is also a 32GB removable flash drive.

Collectibility is not a problem either, with Wifi compatibility, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity, staying in touch with the organisation on the move is easy. There is also a standard 100MBps Ethernet connection for when the mobile device needs to be docked with the core network.

Battery life on the Zypad-BR2000-2011R is superb too. You can expect to get up to 6 hours from one battery pack, but when it is running out, you can simply insert one of the hot swap packs to continue operations without disruption to service. The Zypad-BR2000-2011R is also compatible Deployed Military batteries and other common battery solutions, so could be integrated with existing power solutions.

This is probably one of the most versatile on he go computing devices you are likely to find. With superb performance and low power usage, there really is no better solution for field computing needs. If your organisation could benefit from this high-end device, why not take a closer look.


  • Intel Atom E6xxT @ 1.3 GHz CPU / Intel PCH EG20T
  • 1x 2D/3D VGA display output (LVDS optional)
  • 1x Composite video (NTSC/PAL) output
  • 1GB RAM (up to 2GB supported)
  • Up to 32GB Onboard Flash
  • 6x USB 2.0 ports
  • 1x RS-232/422 (full port), 2x RS-232 (Tx/Rx)
  • 802.11 b/g/n with integrated antenna
  • Bluetooth (Class 1, EDR up to 2-3Mbps) with integrated antenna
  • 50-channel GPS receiver with integrated antenna
  • 1x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet interface
  • Expansion device support via USB, PCIe, DIO, RS-232/422 (accessible in connector interface panel)
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • Dimesions: 138 x 107 x 36 mm

Zypad-BR2000-2011R Small Form-Factor Rugged PC

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10:35 19.01.2021