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VTC 3300: Fanless Embedded PC for transportation, aviation, railtrafic. Available with GSM and wireless LAN.

IPC2U Group Introduces Innovative Transport Solution VTC-3300

VTC 3300 fanless PC

IPC2U Group is dedicated to providing NEXCOM 's innovative and rugged Transport PC with the leading technology and years of the know-how in the embedded industry. As the technology in transport market advanced from microcontroller to ARM based CPU platform, it was sufficient to perform the basic tasks like fleet management (vehicle tracking, trip recording), vehicle monitoring (speed, tire pressure), and fee collection. In today's dramatically growing demand for more sophisticated transport applications, such as infotainment, Internet connection and complex data processing, the x86 based PCs is the perfect solution to meet all the new requirements.

Therefore, IPC2U Group introduces the x86 based VTC 3300 fanless transport PC with the rugged structure design, the VTC-3300 fanless transport PC is capable to withstand dramatic vibration, to operate in a wide range of temperature, and to configure with varieties of built-in I/O ports and internal GPS/GSM/GPRS communication module.

The VTC3300 transport PC can be widely integrated for buses, utility vehicles, trucks, police cars, taxi cabs, limousines, marine, aviation, trains, and much more.

  • ICES 101 COM ETX CPU Module (Main Board)
  • Intel® Pentium® M and Celeron® M processor
  • Intel® 852 Chipset/ ICH 4
  • One SO-DIMM socket support up to 1 GB DDR SDRAM memory
  • Reserved space for optional GPS/GSM/GPRS module
  • Build-in power ignition control through hardware setting
  • 2 x CF sockets (one internal access, one external access)
  • 1 x NVRAM for data back-up protection


1.Vehicle Tracking/Monitoring

2.Real-time Voice & Data Communication

3.Computer-aided Dispatching

4.Public Transportation

5.Infotainment Systems

6.Emergency Medical Services

7.Fleet Management


Off-the-Shelf Platforms

The VTC-3300 fanless transport PC is a ready to integrate platform for rapid deployment. With a reserved space for wireless Mini-PCI socket and optional GPS/GSM/GPRS module, the VTC-3300 is able to connect to WLAN and to communicate live data via GPRS on the road.

e Mark Certification

The VTC 3300 transport PC has passed e Mark Certification, the requirement for any components or electronic devices used in vehicle in Europe. The e Mark certification ensures the VTC 3300 transport PC to meet the regulation of emission and immunity requirement; hence the VTC 3300 does not interfere with the safety and reliability of today's increasing complex vehicles, trains and marine vessels.

OS/Software Compatibility

The x86 based VTC 3300 transport PC is compatible with Win XP/XPe/2000 as well as Win CE and Linux. In addition, most of the PC compatible hardware and software will also work with the VTC 3300 system.

Intelligent and Reliable Design

Build-in Intelligent Power Ignition Control

The VTC 3300 system has a build-in power ignition control through hardware setting to adapt various power supplying conditions in vehicle environment. The user can control and manage the system's power with 5 different time delay setting, such as intelligently setting the system to boot after the car engine starts and keeping the system running after car engine turned off.

High Vibration Tolerance Design

With well protected HDD and fixed components, the VTC 3300 transport PC has high vibration and shock tolerance to suit the harsh environment in transport application. An optional vibration protection bracket is available for toughest environment.

NVRAM Data Back up

For power failure protections, the system automatically back up last un-finished transactions or transmitting data to NVRAM. When the power is restored, the VTC 3300 transport PC could continue the un-finished transactions or transmitting data that has been saved in NVRAM to avoid the data lost or duplicated transactions.

Flexible Expansion Capabilities

GPS/GSM/GPRS Module (Optional)

The VTC 3300 transport PC has a reserved space to integrate optional GPS/GSM/GPRS function board for GPS navigation and data/voice communications. On this function board, the Siemens MC55 module is used for GSM/GPRS application while the Ublox LEA-4S module is utilized for GPS function. Since the GPS/GSM/GPRS function board is from off-the-shelf products, users can implement the navigation and real-time voice & data communication applications in ease without further effort in H/W design.

Dual Independent Display and Integrated LVDS Connector

The VTC 3300 transport PC supports LVDS (Primary) and VGA (Secondary) video outputs with dual independent display function. To enhance the integration with the touch-screen monitor, NEXCOM has a proprietary LVDS connector to integrate the USB signal for touch-screen controller, LVDS signal and 12 VDC into one connector.

Ordering Information

NICE-3300-373 (VTC 3300-373)
Embedded Server Intel Celeron M 1GHz w/VGA/LVDS, LAN, 1xPCMCIA, 2xCF Socket, Mini-PCI, 3xUSB, 4xCOM, Audio, 1x2.5" Drive Bay, +6...+36V DC Power Input, +5VDC, +12VDC Power Out

NICE-3300-C65 (VTC 3300-C65)
Embedded Server Intel Celeron M 600MHz w/VGA/LVDS, LAN, 1xPCMCIA, 2xCF Socket, Mini-PCI, 3xUSB, 4xCOM, Audio, 1x2.5" Drive Bay, +6...+36V DC Power Input, +5VDC, +12VDC Power Out

For more information, please contact IPC2U representatives

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15:42 16.12.2017