13:26 26.06.2017
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Form Factor PC/104 Module Releases with New DMP Vortex86DX2 SoC

IPC2U presents the all-in one PC/104 module VDX2-6554 which is characterized by the power-saving 3rd generation System-on-Chip Vortex86DX2 SoC CPU, compact size of 90,17 mm x 95,89mm and wide temperature range between -40°C und +85°C.


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Vortex86DX2 SoC as a basic element of PC/104 module VDX2-6554

The PC/104 module that comes from the Vortex86 family of 3rd generation SoC is actually designed to fit the purpose of industrial applications. The Vortex86DX2 SoC also supports the purpose of embedded applications owing to the varied incorporation of its LAN, I/Os, GPU, and BUS like ISA, SPI, PIIe, and 12C along with two WatchDog.
The newly released Vortex86DX2 SoC actually works for offering ultimate solutions in terms of consumption of low power, extended support of temperature ranging up to -40°C to +85C optional , and a Life-Cycle of 10+ years  for the Single-board computer (SBC) in applications. Therefore, the design and development of the SBC in terms of PC/104 module is largely based on the three main technologies, as the goal is set towards offering a professional support in the field of industrial and embedded applications.

VDX2-6554 – many important features integrated in one Chip

Vortex86DX2 SoC holds the credit of being the first SoC of the world that integrates North and South Bridge, HD Audio, ISA, PCIEbus, CPU, GPU, and versatile ports of I/O in a single chip. Such integration of the PC/104 module also undeniably promises quality control, operating stability, and product availability. The performance of the SBC series of VDX2 – 6554 is also credited with the title of being high performing.
The size of the RAM of the Vortex86DX2 SoC can easily be upgraded  to 1GB, offers a DOS mono display panel, Windows Compact 7, Windows CE, fast operation with SATA interface, VxWorks,QNX, Linux, etc. The PC/104 module is also incorporated with HD audio ALC 262 and 10/100Mbps Ethernet.

The newly launched product is sure to pave way for more utilization of the PC/104 model.


  • up to 1GB DDR 2 RAM onboard
  • DM&P SoC CPU Vortex86DX2-800MHz
  • PC/104 standard compliant
  • Watchdog Timer: software programmable from 30.5 µsec. to 512 sec.
  • integrated 2D VGA chip, share system memory 16MB/32MB
  • integrated ALC 262 HD Audio
  • integrated 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
  • onboard 4MB SPI Flash Disk
  • support SATA interface
  • 2x USB, 1x VGA, LCD, LVDS, GPIO
  • LAN, 3x RS232/485
  • Compact Size: 90,17 mm x 95,89mm
  • Wide Temperature range: -20°C ~ 75°C
    (Optional: -40°C ~ +85°C)

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    4MB SPI Flash, AMI BIOS

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13:26 26.06.2017