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Updated I / O Modules (P) ET-7258, (P) ET-7259

ICP DAS has announced the modification of the modules: (P) ET-7258, (P) ET-7259. The new I / O module is equipped with 2-port Ethernet switch, the number of digital inputs is reduced to 8 AC / DC, thus eliminating the problem of overheating.

The ET-7258 / PET-7258 / ET-7259 / PET-7259 uses a web interface based on HTML5, allowing you to monitor and manage from tablets and smartphones (Android and iOS), as well as PC and NB.

The difference between the versions of modules:

Item New version Old version
I/O Specification 8 channel AC/DC digital inputs 16 channel AC/DC digital inputs
Web Interface HTML5-based Web Interface HTML4.01 + Adobe Flash Player

Reasons for choosing HTML 5

HTML5 is the fifth revision of the HTML standard. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML5 is supported by nearly all web browsers on a number of platforms including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS; it does not require an additional plugin to be installed.

Support for HTML 5 in a web browser

HTML 5 - is considered the best and newest web technology, but some of the older browsers, such as IE8 and below, do not support new HTML5 elements. If you receive an error message when you browse the web page of the ET-7258 / PET-7258 / ET-7259 / PET-7259 modules, you are using a web browser that does not support HTML5.

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