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UC-2100 series embedded PCs for ultra-compact IIoT solutions

MOXA offers a new series of embedded computers called UC-2100 and based on ARM to create ultra-compact industrial IIoT solutions with limited budget and mounting space.

The palm-sized UC-2100 computers have multiple ESD-protected Ethernet and COM ports, up to 1600000 hours MTBF, and run Debian-based industrial Linux with a 10-year support life cycle, making the UC-2100 series are ideal PCs for building compact industrial solutions on a small budget.

IIoT solution for data collection and device monitoring

A solution based on UC-2100 computers allows organizing universal data collection from various input-output devices, for example, the ioLogik E1200 module with the Modbus TCP protocol, as well as data transfer to the upper level in SCADA systems and cloud services for further processing and analysis. Ready-made libraries make it easy to organize data transfer through industrial protocols, OPC or RESTful API, which significantly reduces additional costs and efforts when developing solutions for various industrial areas, such as: oil and gas, energy and factory automation.

Main specification of UC-2100 PCs:

Model name UC-2101-LX UC-2102-LX UC-2104-LX UC-2111-LX UC-2112-LX UC-2112-T-LX
OS Debian-based Linux
CPU Cortex-A8 600 MHz 1 GHz
COM ports 1 2
Ethernet 1 2 1 2 2 (1 GLAN)
Micro SD 1
mPCIe slot 1 (LTE/WiFi)
Dimensions, mm 50 x 80 x 28 57 x 80 x 30.8 77 x 111 x 25.5
Operational temperature -10…60°C -10…70°C -10…60°C -40…75°C

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