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When you choose TITAN-M64-F32-HUS-WT, you make a winning decision

The embedded CPU board TITAN-M64-F32-HUS-WT is produced according to the PC/104 CPU Boards Standard. The development of this single board computer was concentrated on low power consumption along with stable operation even in extreme environment.

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To have much in a small size

Just like other PC/104 embedded CPU boards, TITAN-M64-F32-HUS-WT is smaller than a usual motherboard of a desktop PC. Its dimensions measure 90 mm in width and 96 mm in length (3.550x3.775 inches compliant to the original form factor). But it can impress even the most demanding consumers with its powerful operation. The highly efficient Intel XScale PXA270 416 MHz processor is based on a RISC design strategy which was intended to improve the operating speed due to simplifying the instruction set. This makes the TITAN-M64-F32-HUS-WT processing fast and flexible. Aside from such satisfying efficiency the embedded CPU board offers a great durability. It is ideal for application in specialized environments with limited space, rough industrial conditions and extreme temperatures. The temperature allowed for its normal operation is estimated from -40°C to 85°C (from -40°F to 185°F). Being rugged and powerful, the TITAN-M64-F32-HUS-WT embedded CPU board is also extremely energy efficient. It was designed to perform ultra low power consumption and power dissipation. Without running extra peripherals, it consumes 1.5W in normal operation and 100mW in sleep mode so it can be used for mobile solutions without a permanent power supply, and it doesn’t need a system cooling unit. Operating memory is performed by three options: a 128MB SDRAM, a 64MB Flash RAM and a 256kB SRAM, which has a backup battery for a fail-safe power supply.

Get even more with PC/104 CPU Boards high compatibility

The PC/104 Embedded CPU Boards Standard includes the possibility to interconnect the devices and allows customers to easily make a customized system by stacking necessary units together. According to the standard, TITAN-M64-F32-HUS-WT has multiple connectivity interfaces, i.e. five COM ports, two USB ports, four RS-232 ports, a RS-232/422/485 port, two Ethernet ports and one PC/104 extension slot, therefore it can be connected to devices of any type. It is also equipped with an AC97 audio controller, a graphics chip with 640x480 resolution and 18-bit colour depth, and supports LVDS connection to flat panel display. To avoid hangs of the whole complex system and guarantee the constant functionality, TITAN-M64-F32-HUS-WT has a programmable watchdog timer with reaction time from 1ms to 60s. Finally, CE marking certification ensures the safety and high quality of the product.


  • PC-104 Module
  • Marvell XScale PXA270 520 MHz
  • up to 128 MB SDRAM
  • 256KB of battery backed SRAM
  • up to 64MB Flash
  • LVDS, LAN, 5xCOM
  • 2xUSB 1.1, PC/104, Audio
  • 5V DC-In
  • -40..+85 Wide Temperature

TITAN-M64-F32-HUS-WT PC/104 CPU Board

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