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IPC2U announces: Teak 5020L - Network Security System with by-pass function!

IPC2U presents the Teak 5020L. This Network Security System offers high-powered protection and load-balancing for your networking. Powered by the Intel Atom Dual Core D525 1.8GHz CPU, which also supports virtualization and XD technology, the Teak 5020L is able to provide better firewall performance than various similar models. Beside the high-powered CPU the Teak can be upgraded with up to 4GB DDR3 800MHz RAM.
Several LAN ports and comprehensive By Pass functions
Apart from 6x PCIe LAN the Teak 5020L is equipped with 2x PCI LAN. Thus the device can be utilized in multifunctional and demanding environment, 4x USB 2.0 and 2x COM Ports for console connection as well as 1x VGA (internal) und 1x PS/2 (internal) extend integration possibilities to peripheral and control devices.
By-Pass function
Network Security Appliance has wide by-pass functions. That means, that if a LAN port is down, connection of the internal networking with the Internet will be maintained. Thereby the workload is redirected to another LAN port. Two pairs or 4 of 6 PCIe ports are equipped with this feature. If needed, the by-pass function can be deactivated and then activated again. Beside that, the preset and control function upvalue the device.
PCI extension and data storage
Should the device functions not be sufficient, the Network Security Appliance can be extended by Add-Ins Card via PCI slots.
Ford data storage there are 1x 3.5“ HDD or 2x 2.5“ HDD`s availiable. Additionally, there is a CF slot available.

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Teak 5020L


  • 1U industrial grade chassis
  • Intel Atom Dual Core D525 1.8GHz CPU
  • Up to 4GB DDR3 800MHz RAM
  • 6x PCIe ports, 2x PCI LAN ports
  • By-Pass-function and 4x PCIe ports (2 pairs)
  • 4x USB 2.0, 2x RS232, 1x VGA (internal), 1x PS/2 (internal)
  • 1x 3.5“ HDD or 2x 2.5“ HDD Drive Bay, 1x CF slot
  • 20x 2 characters LCM HMI
  • Size: 426 (W) x 229 (D) x 44 (H) mm
  • CE, FCC certification
18:36 10.07.2020