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Cutting Edge SCB-6010S Fanless DIN-Rail System

Embedding systems are special-purpose systems in which a computer is encapsulated completely by the device it controls. This is different from a general purpose computer like a PC as an embedded system performs pre-defined tasks with requirements that are very specific. As the system is dedicated to a particular task, design engineers are able to optimize it thus bringing down the cost and size of an industrial embedded computer system. IPC2U has taken embedding to a new level with their SCB-6010 industrial embedded computer system

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IPC2U offers new Cutting Edge Fanless Embedded System Solutiuon 

· Fanless DIN_Rail Industrial Grade Networking System
· Wide temperature support of between -40 to 75 degrees C
· Intel Bay Trial, swappable and easy to remove HDD/SSD bay, 3x USB and CF slot design
· IP 40
· Bypass Function Support
· 2.5KV Isolated protection for Serial, DI/DO and Ethernet Ports
· CE, FCC, UL 508, ATEX certified as being ideal for use in industrial environments
· Power redundancy input from 12 to 48VDC
IPC2U's Fanless Embedded Long-life Series System has a number of applications:
· Industrial Automation
· Transportation
· Power sub-stations
· Entertainment industry
· Digital signage
· Healthcare industry
· Retail and self-service systems such as ATMs

Why a Fanless Embedded DIN-Rail System?

The SCB-6010S Fanless DIN-Rail embedded system offers a number of advantages in addition to the necessity of being maintenance-free. One is the quiet. Fanless PCs work very quietly which meets the legal requirement of giving operators a safe environment to work in. This is also a plus for the environment as noise is a form of pollution. Another advantage is the stable system performance. A fanless design ensures steady heat dissipation in industrial environments which is key in ensuring that all those who rely on a machine like an ATM and other services that are automated by embedded systems can always access them when they need them. It decreases downtime on such systems as challenges such as extreme temperatures, dust and particulates, airflow restrictions that are quite common in typical industrial settings are eliminated. 

High-tech Fanless DIN-Rail systems like SCB-6010S also offer expandability via the riser cards as well as multiple media storage options. This makes it to make adjustments as an industrial environment changes without interfering with normal operations. Also, as there are no moving parts in a fanless system, the MTTF/MTBF is increased. This reduces the amount of time and money that would be spent on repairs and downtime of the producing. Internal airflow is also reduced which ensures that dust and particulates are not drawn through the system which could cause damage to the components. The space that would have been utilized for airflow is condensed which makes it possible to create a much smaller unit that can be used where conventional PCs could not be used. The only way that demand for high-performance fanless embedded systems can go is up as their size, performance and durability is perfected in systems such as the SCB-6010S.


  • DIN-rail type fanless industrial grade networking system
  • Low power Intel Bay Trial (5W)
  • Supports swappable HDD
  • 3x USB, 1x CF slot design
  • 2.5 KV isolated protection for serial, DI/DO and Ethernet ports
  • Wide temperature: -40 ... 75 C
  • IP 40

SCB-6010S Fanless DIN-Rail System

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18:37 27.01.2021