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IPC2U announces: Pipal 2311 - fanless i7/i5/ i3 Core Embedded PC with 24/7 HDDs!

There are not many fanless embedded systems in the market, using high-performance Intel Core i7/i5/ i3 CPU of the 2. generation. From now on this market is richer with one more product: the Pipal 2311 is a multifunctional system, offering not only much performance but also more equipment than other systems. Beside a high-powered CPU the Pipal can be equipped with up to 16GB DDR3 RAM. For data storage there are 2x 2.5“ HDD SATA Drive Bays for 6G SATAIII HDDs, 1x eSATA and 1x CF Socket.
The embedded PC supports two independent displays in different combinations such as LVDS + DVI, LVDS + VGA and VGA + DVI. For connection to LAN or further peripheral devices Pipal provides a lot of interfaces: 2x Gbit LAN with Wake-On-LAN, 6x USB, 3x RS232 and 2x RS232/422/485. The system can be upgraded with extension cards via 1x PCIe x16. Beside a Watchdog Timer (0-255s), allowing automatically reset, the embedded PC is outfitted with Wake UP over USB, LAN, RTC and Modem Ring and offers iAMT support as well.
The Pipal 2311 works within extended temperature range from -20°C to +50°C with a Core i7 CPU or from -20°C to +60°C with a Core i5 CPU.
The Pipal-2311 is an universal embedded PC for users with high demands regarding performance, interface amount and robustness. It can be deployed in industry process control and visualization as well as Digital Signage.

As a even more reliable solution we offer Pipal with 24/7 hard discs. Deployment of hard discs working round the clock increases reliability of this robust Embedded PC. In such a way the Pipal-2311 is able to work in critical applications.
IPC2U offers for example following 24/7 HDDs:
MK8061GSYB       80GB 2.5" Toshiba 24x7 SATA2 HDD, 7200rpm, 16MB Cache HDD
MK1661GSYB       160GB 2.5" Toshiba 24x7 SATA2 HDD, 7200rpm, 16MB Cache HDD
MK5061GSYB       500GB 2.5" Toshiba 24x7 SATA2 HDD, 7200rpm, 16MB Cache HDD

For automative area and temperature-critical applications is recommended:
MK1060GSC         100GB 2.5" Toshiba SATA HDD, 4200rpm, 8MB Cache, Oper. Temp. -30C..85C

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Pipal 2311


  • Supports:
    Intel i7 Quad Core 2.1GHz 6MB CPU
    Intel i5 Dual Core 2.5GHz 3MB CPU
    Intel i3 Dual Core 2.2GHz 3MB CPU
  • Up to 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2x 2.5“ HDD SATA Drive Bays for 6G SATAIII HDDs, 1x eSATA, 1x CF Socket
  • 2x Gbit LAN with Wake-On-LAN, 6x USB, 3x RS232, 2x RS232/422/485
  • 1x PCIe x16 slot
  • 1x DVI, x VGA
  • 1x 24-bit LVDS
  • Wide temperature range -20°C to +50°C with Intel Core i7 CPU or -20°C to +60°C with Intel Core i5 CPU
05:27 04.07.2020