09:42 23.06.2017
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Industrial Computers and Solutions for Automation and Communication
Frankenring 6 30855 Langenhagen Germany
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IPC2U announces: PCI-822/826LU Universal PCI Boards!

IPC2U presents the new PCI-822/826LU Universal PCI, 32-Channel, 250 kS/s,12-bit (16-bit) analog input, 16-bit analog output, Low Gain Multi-function DAQ Boards.

PCI-822/826LU were developed for  high speed transmission of analog and digital signals over Universal PCI. Thereby PCI +3.3V as well as PCI +5V are supported and contain a 250 k Samples/Sec 12-bit(16-bit) resolution A/D converter, 8K samples hardware FIFO, 2-ch 16-bit D/A converter, 32-ch programmable digital I/O and DO readback.
PCI-822/826LU support software calibration. PCI-822/826LU ensures software calibration instead of manual calibration. That is why jumpers and trim-pots are not required anymore. EEPROM enables the user to save data for long-term use. Users can assign an individual card ID for each card. Thereby if more than two PCI-822/826 LU boards are used in a computer at the same moment, users can still distinguish one from another.
PCI-822/826LU support for the different operational systems: DOS, Windows 2000, Windows XP 32-Bit, Vista 32-Bit, 32-Bit Windows 7. Also they are equipped with DLL and support programming in Turbo C++, Visual C++, Borland Delphi, Borland C++
Builder, Visual Basic, C#.NET, Visual Basic.NET.

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Contact: or by phone: +49 (0)511 807 259 0



  • Universal PCI interface, supports both +5V and +3.3V PCI bus
  • Card ID function, users can set Card ID to recognize sequence of card when users have two or more I/O cards of the same model
  • Digital input status can be set to pull-high or pull-low; when the digital input channels are unconnected, the status will hold in high or low status. (non-floating)
  • 32-CH programmable DIO
  • Used Jumper or software setting to configure the DIO
  • DIO response time is about 0.77 μs (1.3 MHz max.)
  • Support the DO Readback function
  • 2 channels, 16-bit analog output
  • Voltage output range:+/-10 V, +/-5 V, 0 ~ 10 V and 0 ~ 5 V   
  • 12-bit high resolution, 250 k Hz A/D converter for PCI-822LU
  • 16-bit high resolution, 250 k Hz A/D converter for PCI-826LU
  • 32 single-ended/16 differential analog inputs
  • Programmable low gain:1/2/4/8
  • Built-in 8 k WORD FIFO
  • Three different external trigger mode: post-trigger, pre-trigger, middle-trigger
  • Support .NET program
  • Provide Microsoft Visual C#.NET 2005 sample programs
  • Provide Microsoft Visual Basic.NET 2005 sample programs
  • Provide Turbo C++ sample programs
  • Provide Visual C++, Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Visual Basic sample programs


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09:42 23.06.2017