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IPC2U announces: NViS 3540P4 - intelligent PoE Ready Mobile NVR for video surveillance and video analysis!

IPC2U presents with NViS 3540P4 a customer-oriented solution in the surveillance area. This is a compact fanless In-Vehicle computer, which is equipped with a high-powered Intel 2 duo CPU for full HD camera  handling. In total up to 8 PoE-cameras can be connected. Thereby power and data can be delivered over one cable saving space and avoiding  tangle of cables. Wide voltage range between 9 and 36V allows flexible deployment in transport faculties, as NViS-3540P4 can be powered by batteries/ power sources with different voltage. Moreover, Power Ignition function is supported in order to make switching the computer on and off depending on vehicle motor run. E. g. the In-Vehicle Computer can be automatically switched off 1 hour after shutting down the motor.
A hot swappable HDD with RAID 0,1 support improves read speed and data security as well as allows HDD exchange without shutting down the computer. Thus the In-Vehicle PC can be used for data saving. If needed, the data can be transmitted in real time over WLAN module. The NVIS 3540P4 is equipped with all interfaces, necessary for in-vehicle deployment, such as 2x Gbit LAN, 3 x RS232, 1x RS232/ 422/ 485 with auto flow control as well as 2x VGA or VGA/DVI.
The NViS 3540P4 is well-suitable for access control, video management, surveillance and intelligent video analysis.

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NViS 3540P4


  • Supports:
    Intel Core i7-620M PGA CPU (2.66GHz, 4M Cache)
    Intel Core i5-520M PGA CPU (2.4GHz, 3M Cache)
    Intel P4500 PGA CPU (1.86GHz, 2M Cache)
  • Mobile Intel QM57 PCH
  • 3 x RS232 und 1 x RS232/ 422/ 485 with auto flow control, 2x Gbit LAN
  • 4x PoE Ports (optional 8x PoE) for connection of cameras
  • 2x VGA or 1x VGA + 1x DVI
  • 9V - 30V DC
21:18 02.07.2020