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NROK-500 - a compact Railway Embedded PC

IPC2U presents the NROK-500 series. The embedded PC NROK-500 was designed for deployment at railway. This tiny embedded system with 24V isolated DC input protection matches to the most transportation standards. 

 NROK-500 series

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Among them NROK 500 is equipped with M12 Ethernet connector, especially designed for industry deployment in very different environments. The rail way PC can withstand strong shocks and vibrations and is compliant to EN50155-Norm.
It supports power-saving concept by both power-on and shutdown delay will be active via ignition function during break time. On one hand it saves power, on the other hand it guarantees that no control room message will be overlooked. For any urgent message, NROK-500 will be activated after trigger wake-on-LAN function.
To avoid exposure to the power fluctuations and spikes when a vehicle is switched on and off, NROK-500 transportation computer supports a power delay function which enables the system to be activated a few seconds or minutes after the transient voltage condition.
The NROK-500 is equipped with a powerful and power saving Intel Atom Dual Core D525 

CPU with up to 2GB DDR2 RAM. Furthermore, it provides good connecting to peripherals and Ethernet. Wireless communication is possible via 3G communication module or WiFi, which can be built in the mini-PCIe slot. 

Altogether the NROK-500 is the compact, powerful and rugged solution, which is good for transport and particularily railway solutions such passenger infotainment, system control and monitoring.


  • Intel Atom Dual Core D525 CPU
  • Up to 2GB DDR2 RAM
  • 1x M12 LAN Port
  • 2x USB 2.0, 1x VGA, 2x RS232
  • 1x external CF Socket and 1x external SIM card holder
  • 1x 2.5" SATA Drive Bay for optional SSD
  • 24V DC isolated Power Input
  • Supports Power Ignition Signal
  • Supports WOL & PXE functions
  • 1x mini PCIe slot
  • Size 264mm(W) x 142mm(D) x 65mm(H)
  • -5°C ~ +55°C operating temperature
  • Supports Windows Embedded 2009
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Embedded Railway Server with Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz w/VGA, Up to 2GB DDR2 RAM, 1xLAN (M12 Connector), 2xUSB, 2xRS232, Audio, CF Slot, SIM Card Slot, 2.5" HDD SATA Bay, Mini-PCIe, Ignition Function, DC-In Isolated

Embedded Railway computer with Intel Core i5-3610ME, 2GB DDR3, VGA, 2xHDMI, Audio, 4x2.5" SATA SSD bay, 3xCOM w/ isolation, GPIO, 4xUSB, 2xGbE LAN, 3xMiniPCIe, PCIe x8

Embedded Railway PC, Intel Core i5-3610ME, 2GB DDR3, VGA, 2xHDMI, 4x2.5" SATA SSD bay, 3xCOM with Isolation, GPIO, 4xUSB, 2xGbit LAN M12, 8xGbit PoE LAN M12, 3xMiniPCIe, Audio, PCIe x8 Slot, 24V DC-In Isolated
14:53 15.06.2021