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IPC2U announces: NISE-3145 - mulitude fanless Embedded PC with Slim DVD Combo!

NISE-3145 fanless Embedded System is a modification of the successful NISE-3140 Embedded PC’s. The computer supports the Intel Celeron or high-powered Intel Core 2 Duo CPU`s. Based on the GM45 chipset the NISE-3145 can be upgraded with up to 4GB DDR3 800/1066GHz RAM. It can deliver videos in HD-quality as well as to provide an excellent 3D-quality by the Intel Clear Video Technology. 


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NISE-3145 is multitude usable. By its 2x Gbit LAN, 6x USB, 1x VGA, 1x DVI-I, 4x RS232 (1 of them with Auto Flow Control), 1x Parallel Port etc. it can be integrated in almost every application with the maximal benefit for the user. There are 1x 2.5“ SATA HDD Drive Bay and 1x external locked CF slot for data storage available. 

Very important for the user can be a Slim DVD Combo, that is seldom in compact embedded systems. 

NISE-3145 can operate under different voltages between 16V and 30V. This extends its deployment possibilities in different environments. The computer can be switched on via remote control thanks to ATX mode. 

By its scalability, high performance, flexible integration capability and excellent graphics processing the NISE-3145 is well-suitable for industry and machine automation, AOI (Automatical Optical Inspection), visual inspection, video surveillance, image mapping and face recognition. 


  • Supports Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
  • GM45 chipset
  • Up to 4GB DDR3 800/1066GHz RAM
  • 2x Gbit LAN, 6x USB, 1x VGA, 1x DVI-I,  4x RS232 (1 from them Auto Flow Control), 1x parallel port
  • 1x 2.5“ SATA HDD Drive Bay, 1x external locked CF Slot
  • Slim DVD Combo
  • 16 - 30V DC, AT/ ATX mode

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06:29 21.09.2020