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NIO-100: Nexcom's Last Mile Connection to the Cloud

Industrial IoT-Gateway Applications

Iot-Gateway, Nexcom's latest addition to its gateway portfolio ensures seamless interconnection as well as secure transmission of data from devices to the cloud.When it was first introduced, cloud technology was seen as this merge or 'internet of things' that made changed how data was stored and secured. The NIO-100 series Iot-Gateway comes with in-built connectivity with makes it very easy and convenient to manage while providing a cloud-ready lot gateway solution. 

It combines support for broad communication and with its high operating temperature making it ideal for commercial use such as in the ,construction and industrial sectors, for use in environmental monitoring as well as for home use. The NI0 100 Series mix of 'internet of things' also comes with Intel Quark x1021, McAfee Embedded Control and Wind River Intelligent Device Platform. Connection to the edge of the cloud is enabled by multiple communication protocols that provides compatibility and broad support such as for DeviceNet, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP/RTU to name just a few. The NI0 100 series can also be used with Z-Wave, ZigBee as well as EnOcean connectivity with customized configuration. This broad range of multi-protocol support facilitates the collection from data from manufacturing machines as well as wireless sensor networks. In addition, NIO 100 series can be transfer data over both wired and 3G/Wi-Fi wireless networks, offering the last mile connection and ensuring reliable data transmission with data buffering. Now that's quite a mix of an 'internet of things'.

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Making the best of NIO- IoT-Gateway

This amazing new 'internet of things' technology can be used to maximum effect in various ways. Data management can be made as efficient as possible by using Nexcom's lot Studio and their C2C cloud server which is a connect to cloud server. It offers problem-free configuration and is very easy to manage right from the initial setup to fine-tuning the system later on. There is also Nexcom's IoT studio. 

This is a utility tool that makes network configuration easy with settings that you only need to click to connect and that updates gateways through wireless automatic updates that are transmitted over the air. It also facilitates quick and consistent maintenance with group management.It allows manufacturers, plant operators, and facility managers to remotely monitor and control everyday operations to make more efficient and productive use of assets. An industrial embedded computer will also run with high efficiency and its system and data integrity will also be protected thanks to Iot-Gateway solutions that ensure hardware as well as software security. This is thanks to features such as Intel processor, McAfee Embedded Control and Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform. 

These lot-Gateway features give a user a verified environment where they can load software and applications. They also ensure that data cannot be tampered with and they prevent malware attacks. during transmission with a firewall and VPN which block any attempts to make unauthorized changes by maintaining a whitelist. Nexcom also offers NI0 100Y as well as NI0 101Y, IoT gateway solutions NIO that are also available with Yotco,the open source operating system Software developers and system integrators can integrate any third-party software that best suits application needs. And that is the best selection of the 'internet of things' in data management.


  • Onboard Intel Quark SoC CPU X1021 Single Core, 400 MHz
  • DDR3 1GB, eMMC 4GB
  • 1 x RS232 / 485 (software selectable)
  • 4 x 4 DIO supports
  • 2 x USB 2.0 Type A
  • 2 x 10/100 Base-TX, MDI / MDIX Auto cross
  • 1 x mPCIe, half / short size, 1 x Wi-Fi / 3G module (optional)
  • Dimensions: 130 x 130 x 60mm
  • Weight: 700 g (w / o clip)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C

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