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NIFE 100S – industrial and intelligent computing solutions

The NIFE 100S industrial Fieldbus PC has launched a generation of manufacturing automation. The PC presents a whole new combination of industrial and intelligent computing solutions.

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IoT Automation Solutions

NIFE 100S runs on an Intel Atom E3826 or E3815 processor. This makes it compatible with existing options such as SCADA OPC server software as well as technology from Fieldbus, Intel Atom and Hilscher. When used together, the outcome is a very powerful industrial PC that can be integrated with the Mini-PCIe. It features two COM ports with isolation protection that makes it ideal for industrial automation systems. M2M intelligents systems work very well with the NIFE 100S. It supports up to 4GB memory and provides various storage device options such as SSD and CFast. Durability is also assured. NIFE 100S can withstand the roughest and toughest of manufacturing environments while providing seamless digital automation. It has no problems with dust, extreme temperatures or vibration which can be countered by mounting it on a wall or DIN rail . It will keep going where temperatures are ranging from -20 and going up to 70 °C and 128 KB with NVRAM to ensure that even during power outages, data is preserved.

What puts the NIFE 100S Industrial Fieldbus Computer ahead of the rest

This Fieldbus seamlessly integrates control, computing and communication. Digital and smart manufacturing are enhanced by linking enterprise and operation domains. This makes the PC a very current, relevant option for medium and large manufacturing businesses that need a one-pont data solution. Manufacturing environments that needs tasks to be integrated, a lot of data to be managed and communication across various platforms will find all these provided in the NIFE 100S.

Also, apart from supporting seven fieldbus protocols namely Modbus, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET,DeviceNet PROFIBUS, CANopen and EtherCAT, there is internet connection which allows users to connect to the PC remotely from other devices and the cloud. On such a platform, it is possible for management staff to disseminate and analyse data not only all through an organization but also all over the world if needed. The data can be used to come up with manufacturing management goals and plans for the future and make accurate projections on the same. With maintenance streamlined and network and control systems running in an industrial setting, day to day operations are made so much simpler and productivity is optimized, enabling a company to move on to new levels be it higher production and distribution or manufacturing of all new products. With Automation-of-Things put into a single platform, this PC can transform factories with a control network architecture and control scheme that are simplified and help to cut costs as maintenance staff numbers are reduced. If there is a way that a manufacturing concern can benefit from the value of the Internet of Things (IOT) it is with the NIFE 100S Fieldbus Computer. The PC can be used by all types of manufacturing concerns from cosmetics manufacturers, building material manufacturers and those who manufacture furniture, vehicles, clothes, electronic appliances, food and beverages.


  • Onboard Intel Atom E3826 Dual Core 1.46GHz CPU
  • 1 x DVI / 1x VGA converted from DVI-I
  • 2 x Intel I210IT GbE LAN ports support WoL, Teaming and PXE
  • 1 x USB 2.0 & 1 x USB 3.0
  • 2 x RS232/422/485 with 2.5KV isolation protection
  • 1 x Mini-PCIe socket for optional Wi-Fi/3.5G/4G LTE/Fieldbus modules
  • Front access CFast socket and RTC battery
  • Support NVRAM 1Mb
  • Support -20 ~ 70 °C extended operating temperature

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12:00 19.01.2021