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New COM Express Type 10 CEM312 modules from Axiomtek

Axiomtek has started to release COM Express Type 10 modules of CEM310 series.

Being among the leaders in industrial automation design, Axiomtek has announced a new series of COM Express Type 10 modules - CEM310.

The series is designed in a Mini format in a board size of 84х55 mm. This series is designed on the basis of power efficient processors of Intel Atom X series. The processors are chosen based on the low TDP (12W for x7-e3950 processor) and ability for the industrial models to operate in the extended temperature range from -40 to +85ºC.

This series is equipped with either of three processors:

  • Intel Atom x7-E3950 (2.0GHz)
  • Intel Atom x5-E3940 (1.8GHz)
  • Intel Atom x5-E3930 (1.8GHz)

All models of basic configuration are provided with 4GB system memory onboard. 8GB of memory are optionally available.

Despite its small size, if using an appropriate debug board, this series supports rather wide range of input/output ports and commutation buses:

  • Support of 2 COM ports.
  • Support of up to 10 USB ports (2 x 3.0 and 8 x 2.0)
  • Up to 2 Ethernet ports (one is managed by a module controller, the other is managed by a debug board controller).
  • Support of 2 independent displays over LVDS and DDI (DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI)
  • Support of 8-bit GPIO
  • Support of LPC, SPI and I2C buses

Depending on a debug board, these modules are capable of supporting operation of up to 4 PCIe lanes with x1 signal.

To connect a data storage device, there are two SATA-600 channels supported.

As mentioned above, the series supports operation in an extended temperature range. CEM310 series is manufactured in two configurations:

  • For operation within the range from -20 to +70ºC, Standard version
  • For operation within the range from -40 to +85ºC, Industrial version

The following debug boards are currently available for order:

  • CEB94017 – with support of 1х Lan/ 7х USB/ 4х COM/ 1х SATA
  • CEB94008 – with support of 2х Lan/ 10х USB/ 6х COM/ 1х SATA

Also, there is CEB94018 baseboard available for designing small-size ready-made solutions. The board is of the same size as CEM310 - 84 х 55 mm. The board can be connected with the following input/output ports:

  • Two LAN ports
  • Six USB ports
  • Two COM ports
  • One VGA port

There are two half-size mini PCIe slots located on the baseboard, to expand the communication abilities.

The CEM310 module and CEB94018 baseboard set is perfect for portable small-size embedded solutions that feature performance, low power consumption and broad commutation options.

For further information and for the orders please contact our sales team or fill in the request form.
18:39 17.11.2019