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IPC2U announces: NDiS 111 - the fanless Digital Signage Player with Intel Atom E6xx CPU!

PC2U presents NDiS 111 - the Digital Signage Player with Intel Atom E6xx CPU. The target group for this device are customers looking for favorable entry level model.
Equipped with an Intel Atom E620 600 MHz CPU the NDiS-111 achieves 2.7W TDP only. The total TDP with the Intel EG20T chipset amounts to 4.5W.
Furthermore the NDiS 111 is equipped with maintenance-free fanless design which reduces moving parts and therefore increases component life span. A lower Total Cost of Ownership due to its outstanding reliability is a further benefit of this Digital Signage Player.
The Intel Atom architecture supports Full HD multimedia content. The Intel Atom E620 Series CPU, used in NDiS- 111, provides integrated graphic engines, hardware video decoder and memory controller, enhancing graphics performance by up to 50% compared to the previous generations. That is why it is a very good solution for a wide range of digital signage applications.

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NDiS 111


  • Intel Atom E620 600 MHz CPU
  • Intel EG20T PCH
  • Intel Integrated Graphic Engine
  • DDR2 512MB RAM onboard
  • Supports Hyper Threading
  • 1x Gbit LAN, 1x USB, 1x DVI-I
  • 1x SATA DOM Sockel
  • 1x mini-PCIe
  • WLAN, TV-Turner (optional)
06:13 21.09.2020