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NAR-2200: Portwells high-performance appliance with 6x Gigabit LAN

NAR2200 is an entry level 1U server with PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet, Gen.-2 Bypass and dual channel DDR2 Memory.


  • Up to Six GbE, 4x PCI-Express x1 with 2x 82541PI(GbE)
  • Cost effective system with 2.5/3.5" HDD and Fan- less solution
  • High computing performance with low power consumption
  • Fulfill most Entry level Rack-mount platform requirement
  • Supports Compact Flash and Disk on Module (DOM)
  • Generation-2 Bypass function supported (Software control)
  • Supports dual channel DDR2 533 up to 2GB
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    The IPC2U partner Portwell is a provider of Communication/Internet Security Appliance and a member of Intel® Communication Appliance. Today announced the launch of the NAR-2200, a new and more powerful Ethernet performance of transferring speed.

    NAR-2200, a compact system to supports bandwidth PCI-Express x1 with new Energy-efficient, High-powered 1U CA Rackmount platform. The NAR-2200 based on the Intel® 910GMLE/915GEM chipset (South Bridge ICH6M) and bundle with Mobile Pentium® M / Celeron® M processor (Max 2GHz). The system architecture makes communication appliance platform Reliability, Cost-effective and High-flexibility. Moreover, NAR-2200 includes Six integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports with one pair 2nd generation bypass segment (Software control), so that it can be easily deploy in frontline security applications where reliability and power-efficient processing are of main concern.

    NAR-2200 features extremely high and flexible network bandwidth configurations that range up to four PCI-Express x1 GbE and two PCI32 GbE. The NAR-2200 DDR2 dual channel technology is perfect for application buffering and memory-intensive applications. With the barebones configuration of the NAR-2200, add on the features you need. By providing two 200pin SODIMM sockets, Two SATA or One Ultra ATA IDE interface, dual 2.0 USB ports, a standard PCI slot, PCI-Express x1 golden finger and RJ45 console, the NAR-2200 is sure to fit the customers who are doing network intrusion various prevention/detection hardware and performance demands of system integrators, OEM customers, and software developers.

    Available now, NAR-2200 1U Rackmount CA platform is the ideal solution for security applications and be able to fulfill entry-level customer need it.

    Six LANs-Faster and More Reliable Network Connections

    Strict Portwell CA networking performance tests have shown that the PCI-Express LANs of the NAR-2200 can improve transferring performances. As the PCI-Express high transferring speed of the Intranet greatly helps in sharing information, the NAR-2200 with built-in Four PCI-Express LANs and Two PCI32 GbE/PCI FE that features function integrates Six high-speed gigabit LAN ports into a single system-providing almost six times the transferring bandwidth. This is highly advantageous to users as even if an error occurs to one port, the networking connection will not be affected in any way.


    • NAR-2200-401 supports Intel® 915GME, 4 PCI-e x1 GbE (Intel® 82573L)
    • NAR-2200-421 supports Intel® 910GMLE, 4 PCI-e x1 GbE (Intel® 82573L)
    • NAR-2200-601 supports Intel® 915GME, 4 PCI-e x1 GbE and 2 PCI GbE (Intel® 82573L, 82541)
    • NAR-2200-621 supports Intel® 910GMLE, 4 PCI-e x1 GbE and 2 PCI FE (Intel® 82573L, 82551)

    Please contact your IPC2U representative or the Sales-Team for further information.
    02:02 07.07.2020