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MIRO-3- all-in-one solution for industrial applications

The DIN-Rail solution has it all; great vibration resistance, compact encasing, flexible I/O design and a wide range of operating temperature from -20°C ~+70°C. If you are looking for a all-in-one solution for industrial applications like transportation systems, facility monitoring and plants automation control systems, you'll appreciate this. The new series of industrial grade embedded systems are impressive on several fronts and for DIN-Rail mounting is the MIRO-3 one of the best choices.


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These and other features come together in a very impressive embedded system option known as MIRO-3. It offers a heavy duty solution with rich I0 ports and doesn't take up much size with its compact dimensions. The embedded DIN-rail system offers various power management solutions. It is possible to upgrade the system with a wide-range DC-IN built. It is compatible with wide range DC in features which can protect IPC system from damage caused by unexpected surge voltage, mobile operations and over current while ensuring smooth operations. There is also rechargeable battery function via a PW 16 power board card that will ensure that system is protected when power unexpectedly goes out.

The fanless DIN-rail system can also be upgraded with a power over ethernet (PoE) function built into several models. The PoE feature may be connected to wireless AP, IP cameras and VOIP phones and PoE. This makes it the ultimate IP surveillance solution for transportation systems, monitoring facilities and automation control system. M858A video capture card optimizes the security system by preventing blind vision. M858A is a top quality NTSC/PAL video decoder card that is made specifically for surveillance applications. The system also has a 1 CH HD-SDI Video Capture card which provides intelligent video surveillance system in high-definition. Minicard PCIe video capture module for SDI cameras is also available.

This card targets single-camera applications that need high-definition like video surveillance equipment for quality control in industrial settings.

The system integration of a embedded DIN-rail system on a motherboard gives total control.

The multiple LAN ports, multiple serial ports, video-in, USB and expansion slot are all put in single motherboards. The compact embedded application system for car PCs, networking, POS, PC surveillance, PoE systems and digital signage is very handy.

You will also like the fact that the systems are easy to install. All the components are all placed on the motherboard to minimize the need to use cable lines and improve efficiency and reliability of the embedded system. The mechanical design also facilitates to assembly of extra devices so that users can just get onto using their system, whether it is a fanless embedded system or embedded system.

The fanless system not only ensures efficient cooling but is also very energy-efficient. The cost of maintaining the machine is eliminated and so is damage caused by overheating when a fan fails - smoke, dust, soot, humidity is not a concern in production process anymore.

Apart from lower running costs, the systems are also very fairly priced given all the modular flexibility, the rich I/O and the functions they can perform and with such efficiency. The MIRO-3 really is one of the best new options out there.

The LEX DIN-Rail solution MIRO-3


  • 3I380A Motherboard
  • CPU Intel Bay Trail-I E3815 1.46 GHz (Single Core ) / Intel Bay Trail-I E3845 1.91 GHz ( Quad Core )
  • E3815 On Board DDR3L 1066MT/s 2 GB / E3845 On Board DDR3L 1333MT/s 4 GB
  • 2 x Intel GbE
  • Mini-PCIe: Slot 1 (Full Size) PCIe/ USB/mSATA / Slot 2 (Half Size) USB/mSATA
  • 1 x USB 3.0, 6 x USB 2.0 (3 x external + 3 x internal)
  • 5 x RS232 (internal), 1 x 422/485 (internal)
  • 8DI/8DO (internal); WDT
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C ~70°C

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19:42 27.01.2021