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Industrial Computers and Solutions for Automation and Communication
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MIRO-2 lot Gateway Solutions with Mini-ITX Mainboard

If you have been searching for an all-in-one gateway solution, look no further than DIN Rail Miro Embedded PC. The LEX DIN- Rail solution has it all including a wide range of operating temperature, compact size, vibration resistance that is ideal and a highly flexible I/O design. It is the best solution for those looking for an platform that is at industrial level and can withstand harsh working environments. It is ideal for transportation systems, facility monitoring and automation control system as all operations can be closely monitored thanks to a Mini-ITX Mainboard. The specifications of MIRO-2 that make it ideal include
  • Fanless embedded system that makes it highly reliable
  • A wide range temperature tolerance of -20-20°C ~+70°C
  • It supports Intel Bay Taril which is 1-4 core as well as Ivy Bridge/Intel Cadearview- M CPU
  • Option PoE and Video-IN
  • It supports a wide range of power input
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connection options
  • various power management solutions with 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch Embedded DIN-Rail System
  • Broad range of DC-IN function
It is possible to upgrade the LEX Embedded DIN-Rail Systems with Wide Range DC-IN built in to models that have a wide range DC and that can provide a PC system from damage caused by unexpected surges and high voltage and current. The upgrades ensures that a PC system operates normally. Such an upgrade would provide;
  • Protection against over current
  • Protection against surge voltage
  • Protection against reverse input
  • Wide range in Function
  • Wide range DC in for the range of 9V~+36V

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Other Industrial IoT-Gateway upgrades

The MIRO-2 Industrial IoT-Gateway can further be enhanced to have rechargeable battery function. This is done with a PW016 power board card that ensures that the Fanless DIN-Rail System will never shut down when power unexpectedly shuts down. THe PW016 power board has a DC IN of 19V, an output of DC 12V and a charge current limit of 1000mA/h.

Another upgrade that is available is for an integrated POE Function

The LEX DIN-Rail System can be upgraded with its Power Over Ethernet (PoE) function. The PoE feature can be connected to Wireless AP, a VOIP phone, IP cameras and a PoE RFID Reader. These connections can create a very powerful surveillance solution for automation control, for transport systems and for facility monitoring systems. Surveillance can be enhanced even further with a SDI - 1CH HD-SDI.

 Video Capture card

 This card provides very high-definition capture module for SDI cameras. The card targets single-camera applications that call for high resolution like video surveillance and on-site surveillance in industrial environments.

The LEX DIN-Rail solution MIRO-2


  • CPU Intel Bay Trail-I E3815 1.46 GHz (Single Core ) / Intel Bay Trail-I E3845 1.91 GHz ( Quad Core )
    E3815 On Board DDR3L 1066MT/s 2 GB / E3845 On Board DDR3L 1333MT/s 4 GB
  • mSATA, VGA
  • 2 x Intel GbE
    Mini-PCIe: Slot 1 (Full Size) PCIe/ USB/mSATA / Slot 2 (Half Size) USB/mSATA
  • 4 x USB 2.0(2 x external+ 2 x internal)
  • 1 x RS232 ( external ), 3 x RS232 ( internal )
  • 4DI/4DO (Internal); WDT
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C ~70°C

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17:34 18.10.2017