01:37 28.06.2017
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IPC2U announces: AMD Opteron - MBD-H8SCM-F Server-Mainboard

In order to host websites in the Internet, it is necessary to use proper hardware. With the AMD Opteron Server-Mainboard MBD-H8SCM-Fist this requirement is met completely and can be configured according to the customer desires. The board provides support for a few websites and for big projects as well. A further virtue of the AMD Opteron Server-Mainboard MBD-H8SCM-F is its flexibility and individuality, thus the board can be flexibly and individually configured regarding performance and power consumption.

MBD-H8SCM-F: Server-Board with different virtues

The AMD Opteron Server-MainboardMBD-H8SCM-F was built in Micro-ATX form size and can therefore be used as webserver motherboard in chassis with different sizes from 1U till 4U. The installed CPU is an AMD Opteron from the 4000-series. Beside that the 4300 series is also compatible with the chassis. With four till eight CPU cores the webserver mainboard provides a wide performance and power-consumption range, so  it can be deployed either in high-performance or power-saving segment. The AMD Opteron Server-Mainboard MBD-H8SCM-F possesses four RAM slots for total capacity of up to 128GB ECC DDR3 memory (up to 32GB each slot). The integrated Dual Channel procedure empowers the memory increasing processing speed. The server board provides SATA interfaces for max. six HDDs, supporting RAID (RAID 0, 1, 10). With 3x PCI Express (x8 in x16, x4 in x8 und x8 Slots) the mainboard has a possibility to manage additional controllers or cards. Should the user deploy old standards is there a PCI 32 slot offering full functionality. Altogether the AMD Opteron Server-Mainboard MBD-H8SCM-F has seven USB interfaces in order to connect further hardware (2x Header, 2x integrated in board).

Specifications of the AMD Opteron Server-Mainboard MBD-H8SCM-F

The features of MBD-H8SCM-F boards are well-suitable for operations in separated environments.
This can have different reasons, for example if demands do not match these one of the cluster or because of security requirements. It is particularly  important if webservers are attacked from outside. That is why it is reasonable to manage them separated from other applications and services like internal network. It can be done by the AMD Opteron Server-Mainboard MBD-H8SCM-F without any problem.
If a connection to some network is needed, the user can deploy a dedicated LAN interface with integrated IPMI 2.0. This one can support if needed virtual KVM. Thereby, depending on different controllers, security against DDOS or peripherals damage is ensured.

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Order information
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  • AMD Opteron Server-Mainboard
  • Micro-ATX Format
  • applicable in 1HE to 4HE Chassis
  • 4bar-RAM, up to 128GB ECC DDR3
  • 6x SATA-slots
  • supports RAID 0, 1, 10
  • 1x PCI-E x8 (in x16 Slot), 1x PCI-E x8
    8x PCI-E x4 (in x8 Slot), 1x PCI
  • PCI32 Socket
  • 7x USB 2.0, 1x VGA
  • Temperature range: 10°C ~ +35°C

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01:37 28.06.2017