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Marine Computer - rugged Multi LAN Embedded PCs for high requirements

Maritime network LAN-embedded PCs such as the I330EAC-ITW-6L and I330EAC-IE6L marine computers are optimized for use as network servers and IT gateways, enabling the creation of a reliable, robust IT infrastructure that is stable even in harsh environments.



High computing power and efficiency due to Intel Core CPU board
For above-average performance at a very low power dissipation of less than 30 watts TDP, the Marine Embedded Computers I330EAC-ITW-6L and I330EAC-IE6L use an Intel Core i5-1135G7 CPU with a clock frequency of up to 4.20 GHz on four physical cores and eight virtual threads. As storage media, the fanless servers support up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM on two banks in Dual Channel and an M.2 SSD as the primary drive - however, for extensive user data such as map material or detailed logging and logging, the two rugged computers additionally allow the installation of two SSD or HDD drives in 2.5'' drive bays via an integrated Intel SATA controller.

Rugged design prevents failures in adverse environmental conditions
Most industrial-embedded computers require a stable power supply for 24/7/365 uninterrupted operation and will fail or reboot even with small fluctuations. In contrast, the I330EAC-ITW-6L and I330EAC-IE6L Marine PC tolerate a wide input voltage range between 9 VDC and 36 VDC to ensure permanent availability even in bad weather, spontaneous load spikes or partial failure of the supply capacity. Due to its robust, fanless design and insensitivity to thermal, climatic or mechanical influences, Winmate's Marine Embedded PCs are certified according to the international standard IEC60945 4th version for use in inland and deep-sea shipping and are equally suitable for general IT infrastructure as well as for system-critical environments including navigation and radio electronics.

Special variants for embedded servers and IT gateways available

The I330EAC-ITW-6L has a total of 6 GbE LAN ports to allow complex and redundant connectivity both within subordinate subnets and between networks. Its primary uses include nodes between branched topologies and active control of the system for data integrity, errors and long-term reliability. Because of its high computing power in a rugged, fanless design, Marine Embedded PCs are also enjoying stable adoption in industrial operations, where they ensure reliable process management under harsh conditions - including, for example, food production, automation in agricultural facilities, and pharmacological or petrochemical processing of raw materials and chemicals.

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