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Liquid leak detection module iSN-101

Developing its line of the building automation devices, ICP-DAS company launches a model for liquid leak detection of iSN-101 series. In case of water or other current conductive liquid leak detection, the device sends out a signal. The device can also be used to control a tank water level.

As sensors either a leak detection cable of up to 500 m length, or a water level sensor can be used.

If a leak is detected, the module immediately activates the output relay, sends out an alarm signal to the dispatching system over Modbus RTU and emits a loud audible alarm.


  • 1-channel for leak detection sensor connection
  • Audible alarm in case of leak detection
  • Mute button to silence the audible alarm
  • Two LED indicators to display the alarm and the power status
  • Adjustable output relay
  • Sensor cable of up to 500 meters
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity
  • Support of DCON and Modbus RTU
  • Double watchdog timer
  • Wide operating temperature range: -25…+75°C
  • Tiny form factor and DIN-rail or wall mounting

Leak detection cable

Unlike a point focus system capable of detecting a leak in the restricted area, the water sensitive cable is perfect for detection of a leak on a vast area or in cases when it is impossible to predict a place of a possible leak.

Leak detection cable design

Leak detection cable connection diagram

Water level sensor

A water level sensor is provided for leak detection in particular areas and water level measurement.

There are two probes located on the sensor. For a sensor to trigger, the water must reach both probes, thus, closing the circuit and causing the alarm signal. The water leak sensor is perfect for water reservoirs, liquid tanks and other similar vessels.

Water level sensor design

Water level sensor connection diagram

Application examples

iSN-101 is ideal for real time leak detection at industrial facilities and welfare premises, such as data storage and processing centers, office buildings, machine halls, warehouses, libraries, museums, as well as for monitoring of pipelines, refrigeration units, liquid tanks, reservoirs etc.

Thanks to its new RS-485 interface, iSN-101 module can be integrated with a WISE IoT controller or a TPD/VPD operator touch panel and send the alarm signals over SMS or other messengers.

Server room cable locating
Server room cable locating

iSN-101 measures various water levels using water leak sensor.

Information of module ordering:

iSN-101 Module for connecting a leak detection sensor, a relay output, sensitivity of 26KO...580KO, DCON, Modbus RTU, -25...+75C
iSN-101/DIN iSN-101 module with DIN-rail mount
iSN-101 module with a 1m leak detection cable and a 3m extended cable
iSN-101 module with a 3m leak detection cable and a 3m extended cable
iSN-101 module with a water level sensor
iSN-101/S CR = iSN-101 + CA-LLD-DC100-L010 + CA-LLD-EC-L030 iSN-101/S2 CR = iSN-101 + CA-LLD-DC100-L030 + CA-LLD-EC-L030 iSN-101/S3 CR = iSN-101 + CA-LLD-DP100

Cables and accessories:

1m Water Sense Cable 3m Water Sense Cable 3m Leader Cable Leakage Probe 180 Hold-Down Clip 90 Hold-Down Clip
CA-LLD-DC100-L010 CA-LLD-DC100-L030 CA-LLD-EC-L030 CA-LLD-DP100 ASO-0046 ASO-0047
15:51 06.08.2020