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IPC2U announces: LIGHT series - more powerful and power saving!

IPC2U presents the upgraded embedded PCs from the LIGHT series. It concerns the embedded systems with CV700A, CV700C, CV763A and MV700A motherboards. These systems are suitable as Thin Client, Network device, Set-Top Box, VPN, VOIP and POS system in applications that need no high performance. Untill now the systems are equipped with VIA C7 1GHz processor. From now on this processor will be replaced by VIA  Eden ULV  1GHz. This processor is 21x 21mm large and features  very power saving operations (max. 0,5W only).  TDP is also max. 3.5W only. At the same time the average processor performance is app. 30% better than those of previous processors.
By this processor it became possible to produce fanless LIGHTs instead of with fan as before.

Models to be concerned:
LG8302, LG8322, LG8341, LG8361

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