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Industrial Computers and Solutions for Automation and Communication
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JetWave 3220 Wireless Access Point

Time is undoubtedly money. And without Internet, doing well in business is hardly possible these days. Any disrupted wireless connection can translate into loss of profit. So getting a high speed and reliable Industrial Wireless AP device is imperative for any industry.

JetWave 3220        
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Benefits of the Industrial Wireless AP Device

A device with 802.11n/a/b/g Wireless AP refers to an advanced secure connection, something that is very much essential in any industry especially nowadays. This prevents access by others who are not employees of the company without prior permission. JetWave 3220 is one example of such a device. Paperwork is greatly reduced when staff gets access to various database and applications in real time by using a mobile computer. Controlling the whole wireless network system and centralising its management is possible with this device. Having a dual radio band of 5G and 2.4G, this device allows not just high speed connection but also reliable transmission of data even in mass areas. Easy integration of wireless to wired networks and reduction in unnecessary wireless connections with an astounding data rate of 300 Mbps per radio makes this device a wonderful choice for industrial wireless connection.

What Makes JetWave 3220 Different?

This Industrial Wireless AP device offers cellular IP gateway. With IP Gateway, it is possible to enjoy high speed Ethernet transmission, plenty of value-added software, 3G routing from LAN/WIFI, wireless security and much more. This device offers various modes like WDS and AP/CDE for point to multiple point or point to point network connections. A connection of both its radio interfaces of 5G and 2.4G ensures there is no wireless redundancy. One operates for receiving high quality signal and the other works for receiving signal in harsher industrial surrounding. Being bidirectional and passing through link fault, this device passes through disable condition automatically. This minimises loss of data. The device's connector is not only rugged but also has anti-shock and anti-vibration features, making it the ideal device for wireless connection in trains, buses or other transporting vehicles.
Whether it is for transportation or any other industry, JetWave 3220 gives features like reliability, high speed and dual band radio for uninterrupted wireless connection. This ensures that there is no loss of time in any business or operation.


  • Dual Radio Configurable: 802.11 a/b/g/n and 2.4G/5G Band
  • 802.11n 2T2R MIMO doubles data rate up to 300Mbps per radio
  • Rugged M12 anti-vibration connector for vehicle installation(3220-M12)
  • LAN/Wireless Link Fault Pass-Through
  • Dual Radio Bridge and Redundancy
  • LAN/WAN/WIFI Bridge and Routing
  • Gigabit PoE+ power input
  • Industrial IP31 Aluminum Housing
  • DC24V(12~48V) Redundant DC Power Input, Digital Input/Output
  • EN50121-4, -40~70oC operating temp.
  • JetWave 3220: Dual 802.11n 2.4G/5G 2T2R MIMO Radio with Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • JetWave 3220-M12: Dual 802.11n 2.4G/5G 2T2R MIMO Radio with Dual Gigabit Ethernet M12 Connector

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  • JetWave 3320-M12
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17:34 18.10.2017