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JetNet 5828G Modular Managed Ethernet Switch

The Korenex JetNet 5828G managed ethernet switch is a 24+4G port managed switch that provides complete Layer3 Internet Protocol (IP) Unicast routing. It is specifically designed for the group management of large networks.


JetNet 5828G

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Main features of the JetNet 5828G managed ethernet switch

The JetNet 5828G managed ethernet switch has three modular slots that offer differing copper and fiber port combinations that make it more flexible for the deployment of devices used in industrial applications. The switches transmit very reliability thanks to Korenix's patented MSR ring redundancy, and the MSTP network redundancy protocols enable users to enjoy a non-stop data flow in different network infrastructures. Furthermore, the JetNet 5828G managed ethernet switch is fanless and able to operate at a temperature of 40 to 85C.
The JetNet 5828G comes with three modular slots that can be modified easily. This modular design provides users with 24 copper ports or 18 fiber ports if they require extended data transmission. This makes them easy to install in all types of industrial applications.

Other innovations with the JetNet 5828G managed ethernet switch

Another distinctive feature of the JetNet 5828G managed ethernet switch is its hardware based Layer3 routing capability, which enables users to configure multiple IP subnets with ease using a single port or a VLAN interface, before routing them via IP, VLAN and Multicast Routing engines with a 24x 100Mbps + 4Gbps performance.
In addition to the switch's fanless design with -40~ +85C operating temperature, it can support numerous types of power input, such as the 90~264VAC plus 24V/48VDC and Dual AC models. These makes them extremely practical for field power constructions.

Because of all these features, the JetNet 5828G managed ethernet switch is an excellent, high performance Layer3 solution for intelligent data connectivity for substation network. It is also extremely effective for the management of intelligent traffic control systems and other essential facilities. The JetNet 5828G managed ethernet switch is able to meet the IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613 standards, thanks to its intelligent firmware and support for LLDP and JetView's Pro-NMS auto-topology visualization software.


  • Fan-Less design
  • 3 exchangeable modular slots for adding up to 24 10/100-TX or 18 100Base-FX
  • 4 On-Board Gigabit RJ45/SFP combo ports
  • Layer 3 IP, VLAN Routing & Multicast Routing
  • Secure system by 802.1x, IP/MAC Access Control List
  • Operation Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
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