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JetNet 3008G - Entry-Level-Switch with Jumbo Frame Technology

IPC2U presents another entry-level switch of the JetNet series. With JetNet 3008G the data can be transferred quickly and in large quantities in large-scaled networks. Because this switch supports QoS (Quality of Service), filtering of broadcast data stream and 9K Jumbo Frame technology, the real-time data arrives without any losses. In addition, this switch is easy to install and has IP31 protection.

JetNet 3008G

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What is special at JetNet 3008G? 

The JetNet provides high performance by 8 non-blocking Gbit ports. This ensures high flexibility in various applications. Broadcast data filtering provides shorter latencies in local networking and efficient data transmission without data losses and blocking. 

Tools for higher data transmission
For extensive networks with high data transfer JetNet 3008G provides Jumbo Frame function. This allows that larger data frames up to 9720 bytes, which exceeds the maximum regular frame size of 1518 bytes, will be passed and not rejected.
QoS (Quality of Service) allows users to set priorities for data transmission, thus ensuring a higher data transmission quality. 

Easy installation with plug-and-play design
The simple structure of JetNet 3008G has a simple design that requires no setup and can start as soon as it is turned on. This facilitates system installation and saves time and money. 

Alarm function for port and power supply
The switch has a redundant DC12 ~ 48V power supply. This makes it possible to maintain the power supply when one of the power supplies fails. Additionally, the JetNet gives alarm when an error occures on one of the ports or the power supply. 

Durable design for harsh environments
The JetNet 3008G has an IP31-protected housing, and temperatures can range from -10 ° C and +70 ° C hold.
Altogether, the JetNet 3008G is a reliable solution for transferring large data files in large-scaled networks. It is a good solution for e.g. automation, process control, oil and gas industry, surveillance systemse, railway - and highways.


  • 8 ports 10/100 TX redundant Fast Ethernet Switch
  • Quality of Service, broadcast filtering, Jumbo Frame function
  • 1.5KV Hi-Port isolation
  • Redundant Power Supply DC 10~48V
  • Aluminum chassis with IP-31 protection
  • -10°C~70°C environment temperature
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22:06 02.07.2020