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JetNet 3005G V2 - Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch

JetNet 3005G V2 is a Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch device that is tailored to provide excellent surveillance solutions involving the transmission of mass video image. The Full Gigabit Ethernet Switchtransmits mass video image which is required in the surveillance of places like public areas and transport system.

JetNet 3005G V2
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Features of Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch device

The Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch is capable of supporting up to 9Kbytes Jumbo frame, QoS and filtering of broadcast storm. These unique features enable the user of the Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch to enjoy enhanced performance of video streaming with no loss of image as well as fragmentation. On top of these,Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch has aPlug & Play design function and the fault relay alarm which is responsible for auto notifications. These two additional features of Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch makes the device to be user-friendly, and easy to implement in an industrial environment. JetNet 3005G Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch is characterized by advanced features as compared to the previous version. The advanced features include power input of dual 10~60VDC which provides power back up, and a wide range of operating temperature (-40 to 75°C). The device is compact and slim making it easy to carry and saves space. It complies with the ISO standards. The IP30 grade of JetNet 3005G makes it capable of withstanding vibration, harsh environment, and bump as well as enabling safe installation of the device.

Gigabit Ethernet Switch for transmission of high-speed data

JetNet 3005G comprises of five full Gigabit ports which enables the transmission of high-speed data. High-speed transmission of large files is ensured by dividing the files into numerous small size packets. Packet switching involves the use of a device which breaks the information that has been fed into a computer network into parts referred to as packets. The packets are conveyed through a network device.

The device is designed to operate in harsh environments. It is capable of supporting dual power input as well as a single alarm relay which plays the role of indicating faulty conditions arising from link or power failure. The reliability of the system is increasingly high due to the unique features of the device. The rough aluminum housing of JetNet 3005G enables the dispersion of heat and injection protection. Efficient transmission of data is made possible by to 9.6K bytes Jumbo frame. Broadcast storm transmission and QoS gives the device the capability of ensuring the transmission of high quality traffic.


  • 5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports with Auto MDI/MDI-X
  • 9K bytes Jumbo frame for large file transmission
  • QoS f
  • Broadcast storm packet filtering
  • Dual DC 10~60V power inputs
  • IP30 compact-sized rugged sheet metal case
  • Operating temperature: -40~75°C

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11:17 29.07.2021