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JetCon 2301 – a converter for industry

The JetCon 2301 offers a complete solution to industrial grade media convertors. They can be used for extending the data transmission over different media connections. Depending on the specific requirement of the application, the media convertors are designed to provide highest data reliability, flexible network connection, high speed connectivity and best price and performance ratio.

JetCon 2301
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Benefits of Fast Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter

A Fast Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter is used to transmit signals from copper to glass fiber networks. It can withstand a high level of electro-magnetic interference (EMI). It is quite a common occurrence in industrial plants and can cause corruption of data. The Fast Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter ensures that the cable is immune to this noise. It enables you to interconnect the Ethernet devices across the plant floor. This ensures optimal data transmission.

The Fast Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter enables you to change from single mode to multi mode easily without any kind of delay. Managed or unmanaged devices can be chosen with their own power adapter.

Jetcon 2301 Features

The features of JetCon 2301 include one port 10/100 TX to 100 FX media convertor. It has an auto link loss forwarding feature for fault detection. Multi forwarding modes are selected and these include modify cut through, store and forward, convertor with auto changes modes and pure convertor. System fault relay output and extreme low data forwarding latency are other popular features of JetCon 2301.

JetCon 2301 supports single mode 30KM and multi mode 2KM. Apart from this, it also supports 1.5 KV hi-pot isolation protections, auto MDI and auto negotiation. There is a five year warranty on the product from the date of delivery. The warranty is voided if the problem is due to incorrect cabling, computer malfunction and if the product is repaired or altered in an unauthorized manner.


  • A 10/100 TX port to a 100FX port media converter
  • Supports multi-Forwarding modes
  • Supports auto MDI / MDI-X, Auto-Negotiation
  • Supports multi-mode 2KM, Single-mode 30KM
  • Extreme low latency data forwarding - 1.6 x 10-6 sec
  • Auto Link Loss Forwarding (LLF)
  • Redundant 10 ~ 60V DC Power DC inputs with reverse polarity protection
  • Supports AC 1.5KV Hi-Pot isolation protection
  • EN 50121-3-2 Railway EMC Compliance (Application)
  • Operating temperature -25 ~ +75 ° C

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18:35 18.11.2017