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JetCon 1702 – Power over Ethernet Injector with two PoE channels

JetCon 1702-B is a PoE Injector providing devices with power over Ethernet cable avoiding additional cables. 

JetCon 1702 is an affordable and advanced powerful PoE Injector. It functions by applying power to the Ethernet RJ-45 data pairs as well as other powered devices. JetCon 1702 is in compliant with the standards of IEEE 802.3 at and IEEE 802.3af. The JetCon 1702 devices comprises of two channels of PoE injectors. The PoE Injector channels are suited for enabling video surveillance and remote wireless access applications which lack power.

JetCon 1702
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High speed connectivity

PoE Injector JetCon 1702-B supports high speed connection devices that are capable of supporting a link speed of up to 1000 Megabytes per second (Mbps). Network devices and electrical appliances that are characterized by high speed connection capability, wide bandwidth as well as the mega pixel PoE IP Camera can be access power thanks to the PoE Injector JetCon 1702. JetCon 1702 enables PoE IP Camera to be connected to the Central Gigabit Backbone Switch with no video lag.

Standardization and design

JetCon 1702 supports a Power over Ethernet Technology that is often utilized in wireless access application and surveillance. Unlike most power devices that lacks standards, JetCon 1702-B is fully complies with the required standards of IEEE 802.3af/at standard. It therefore stands out as a better device for preventing damages arising from high or low current/volatage. The PoE Injector is design in such a way that it offers both EMI and EMS ability for heavy industrial that utilizes a lot of power. The device has passed the 15,000 watts transient military grade as well as the spark testing limit of 5,000 watts which is performed on the power interface.

JetCon 1702 is a powerful and an affordable power device that is very useful in this era, since it meets the needs of the growing demand for mobile communication and surveillance. It offers the best power protection solution in the market. It is commonly applied in wireless access application, IP surveillance and IP Camera.


  • 2-Port High Power 30W PoE Injector
  • IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at Compliance
  • Alternative-A Data pair power feeding (JetCon 1702-A)
  • Alternative-B Spare pair power feeding (JetCon 1702-B)
  • Gigabit High Speed Data Link
  • DIN Rail installation
  • Steel Metal Housing with Ingress Protection ¡V code 31
  • Dimensions: 111.8 mm(H) x 30mm (W) x 89.5mm (D)
  • Operating temperature -40~75 C

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