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JetBox 9563G

The JetBox 9563G is an Embedded 4-Port GbE & 5-Port Booster PoE VPN Routing Computer for the usage as specific surveillance and control system in vehicles. This embedded routing computer comes with a number of other features, delineated as follows:

Essential Features of JetBox 9563G

The JetBox 9563G has been incorporated with Intel IXP 435 667MHz  networking processor.
VPN, DMVPN are included with the purpose of enhancing secure networking. This is coupled with a 3 layer routing made up of IPv6, OSPF, DVMRP and RIP.
The DC 12~24V Boost 48V PoE delivers 15.4 W per port. High – bandwidth data transmission is facilitated by the 4- Port Gigabit Ethernet.
The model has a fan-less and rugged industrial design that makes it resistant to both shock and vibration. The embedded Linux UI, on the other hand, makes this model capable of running customized control programs.
The embedded routing computer incorporated model has fully managed features with QoS and VLAn scheduling and SIM slot for the various mobile modules.

Important Applications of the surveillance system

The JetBox 9563G, as a particular surveillance system, finds its usage in vehicles. It absorbs 12~24V DC power as input and leads to an output of 48V DC for 802.3af standard PoE enabled devices.
The device, with an embedded routing computer, also comes with a reserved mobile network card slot that can extend network communication by means of HSUPA, GSM, GPRS, 3G and 3.5G. Consequently, it can serve as the IP surveillance in public transportations, trucks or railway. The captured IP cam images can also be sent to the control center by means of the wireless network.
Though optional, GPS is another function provided through the mobile network card. Delivering the vehicle position data becomes easier through unlimited networking making this model suitable for use in fleet management.
Apart from the vehicle-specific power input, mobile communication enhancement and so on, the JetBox 9563G can operate within wide temperature range of -25°C und +70°C, allowing it to be very robust and powerful frontend control system, made use of in moving vehicles.

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JetBox 9563G


  • Intel IXP 435 667MHz networking processor
  • VPN, DMVPN for enhanced secure networking
  • Complete layer3 routing: OSPF, RIP, DVMRP, IPv6
  • 4-port Gigabit Ethernet for high-bandwidth data transmission
  • Full managed features with QoS, VLAN, PoE scheduling
  • Versatile interfaces of USB, DIO, SD control
  • miniPCIe & SIM slot for mobile module (GSM/GPRS/3G/HSUPA)
  • Embedded Linux UI-Modulized Webmin,
    capable of running customized control programs
  • Cross-platform application by JamVM
  • Fanless and ruggedized industrial design for anti-vibration, anti-shock
  • Power range: DC 12 ~ 14V Boost 48V 4-port PoE delivers full 15.4W per port
  • Wide Temperature range: -25°C ~ +70°C

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