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IPC2U announces: JetBox 9435-w - Embedded 8-Port VPN Router Computer with wide temerature range!

JetBox 9435-w, the industrial embedded layer3 router computer, has 8x LAN, 1x WAN ports as well as 8x DIO interfaces for digital device connection and 3x USB for integration of further functions such as wireless and cellular network connection.

JetBox 9435-w is equipped with the built-in, performance-optimized Linux operating system, allowing easy network and settings handling by user-friendly Web UI-Webmin. The JetBox 9435-w users can evolve own control applications via auto-run customization setting, stored on the embedded platform’s SD card. Thus  as a network management of large industrial networks becomes more flexible and easy. 

JetBox 9435-w provides complete Layer3 routing functionalities (OSPF, RIP, IPv6) in order to enable to process the extended network group information in an efficient and easier way. Through VPN and DMVPN technologies, the industrial embedded computer can ensure secure long-distance connection over WAN in dynamic networks.  The JetBox 9435-w also supports VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) providing router redundancy and thus, ensuring network reliability. Moreover, by enabling the new Fastpath, the computer can enhance the routing performance of the network infrastructure through the hardware networking engine.

JetBox 9435-w has a fanless aluminium chassis with IP31 protection, rugged connectors, vibration- and shock resistance. A special feature is wide temperature range of  -40°C to +80°C.
JetBox-9435-w is an Industry Routing Computer, which is well-suitable for industry applications, requiering a large amount of LAN ports, increased security of data transmitting, user-friendly management tools as well as rugged design. It can be successfully deployed in intelligent transportation systems, mining and oil, substation and factory automation, etc.

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JetBox 9435-w


  • Intel IXP 435 667MHz networking processor
  • VPN, DMVPN for enhanced secure networking
  • Complete layer3 routing: OSPF, RIP, DVMRP, IPv6
  • 8x LAN ports for network connectivity
  • Versatile interfaces of USB, DIO, SD control
  • Full managed features with QoS, VLAN
  • NTP for network time management
  • Embedded Linux UI—Modulized Webmin, capable of running customized control programs
  • Linux Auto-run SD card for customized configuration
  • Cross-platform applications by JamVM
  • Separated two main DC 12~48V power inputs
  • Fan-less and ruggedized industrial design for anti-vibration, anti-shock
  • -40~80°C operating temperature
21:38 02.07.2020