01:27 28.06.2017
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IPC2U announces: Four times bigger transmission range thanks to the WiFi Access Point IWF 2220

A complete and sound coverage by a wireless network plays an important role for companies in the present time – a WiFi Access Point IWF 2220 was developed particularly for this deployment. It possesses an extremely high coverage and extended features, which increase data transmission of the WiFi access point.

All standards are supported by the WiFi Access Point IWF 2220

Instead of 15dBm transmitter as in many others WiFi Access Point, the IWF 2220 possesses four very efficient units with respectively jeweils 20 dBm. It increases the usable range of the WiFi Access Point fourhold of the normal device. In order to increase performance the WiFi Access Point IWF 2220 is equipped with double multiple in/ multiple out, which extends bandwith of several clients significantly. The WiFi Access Point IWF 2220 offers all common encoding algorithmus like WEP, WPA and WPA2 with ciphers TKIP, CCMS and AES. Of course, also the identification with pre shared keys as well as certificates. Further supported protocols are gehören IEEE 802.11b/g/n and 802.11a/n in all 13 channels of 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. Thus the maximal transmission speed of the WiFi Access Point IWF 2220 amounts for each connection 300 Mbps.

The WiFi Access Point IWF 2220 provides great coverage

Its high transmission strength makes WiFi Access Point IWF 2220 ideal for wide spaces such as warehouses. In buildings signals penetrate also thick walls, straight in old buildings performance of common WiFi access points is very limited. Configuration can be easily made over an integrated interface and can be made by each browser. Beside an uplink-port the WiFi Access Point IWF 2220 has additionaly four downlinkports for RJ45 LAN. A connection of a few WiFi Access Point IWF 2220 is without a problem possible, it ensures an incorporation of clients in different subnetworks. It allows permanent connection also to objects, for example vehicles, which are rapidly moving, and crossing the transmission area of several WiFi Access Point IWF 2220. Power input of the  WiFi Access Point IWF 2220 proceeds with 12 Volt, network or PoE – an additional cabling is therefore  completely superfluous.

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IWF 2220


  • WLAN Access Point
  • support 4x 20 dBm Sender
  • double In/Multiple Out
  • Dual RF for IEEE 802.11b/g/n+802.11a/n,
    MIMO 2*300Mbps
  • support common encoding algorithmus, WEP, WPA, WPA2
    with ciphers TKIP, CCMS and AES
  • Identication with the pre-shared keys and certificates
  • in addition 4x downlink ports for LAN in RJ45 format
  • Dual-Power-Input: 802.3 PoE and 12V DC
  • Temperature range: -5°C ~ +60°C
  • Power Supply: 12V power adapter or PoE

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01:27 28.06.2017