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ISIS XL-1.3-M1G-F2G-GPS-I - a powerful embedded CPU Board

The ISIS XL-1.3-M1G-F2G-GPS-I is a powerful embedded CPU Board capable of speeding up the processing power of a central operational system. The processing board has been specifically optimised to ensure a smooth delivery of vital actions and system requirements.

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PC/104 CPU Boards.

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  • PC/104 CPU Module with Intel Atom
  • 2GB Flash
  • 2xCOM, 8xUSB 2.0, GPS, GPIO
  • PC/104+(PCI), PC/104(ISA)
  • Mini-PCIe, 2xPCIex1, HD Audio
  • 5V DC-In
  • Standard Temperature

The full range of benefits of an embedded CPU Board

The low power and richly enhanced feature package of the ISIS CPU board contains a variety of benefits. The unique item is capable of integral improvements in both the speed and quality of a computer's processing power. Here are just a few of the key features:

  • 2 GB of flash memory
  • VGA graphics for high resolution
  • 8 x 2.0 USB ports for added convenience and usability
  • HD Audio is built into the unit allowing superb quality sound
  • Capable of producing super fast processing at under 8W

The board is perfect for a computer design or project where high performance rates need to be coupled with low power use. It can also bring a fresh impetus to all sorts of working projects needing an upgrade.

How the PC/104 ISIS processor board transforms operations

Busy industries and projects will be able to directly benefit from the speed and performance of the ISIS processor board. The full power of the PC/104 ISIS processor board will enhance the environmental working processes in a range of diverse businesses and sectors. Medical centres, in-car systems, mobile access systems and many more will all benefit from the added power, durability and resourcefulness of the processor board. A key point to remember is the board's ability to function in adverse conditions of extreme highs or lows in temperatures. The board is also equipped with the ability to cope with high shock and vibrations. This resilience puts forward the case for the piece to be used in all kinds of tough working situations. Demanding military and commercial applications will both greatly benefit from the design and function of the processor.

The ISIS XL-1.3-M1G-F2G-GPS-I is the ideal board to get a system up and running to its best. Featuring the connectivity options and functionality essentials of larger and more established CPU boards, the ISIS offers all of the advantages in a self contained unit.

ISIS XL-1.3-M1G-F2G-GPS-I embedded CPU Board

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