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IPC2U announces: iSignager-1000 series excellent solution for for multiple display and video wall!

iSignager-1000 series is the x86-based digital signage player with onboard high performance processor such as Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, Core™ 2 Quad. iSignager-1000 series is designed for multiple display and video wall. In connection with VWBOX iSignager-1000 series can significantly improve the digital signage performance. By iSignager AdMinistrator V4.0 software  user can also design the multi-zone contents easily.

iSignager-1000 is equipped with the built-in PCIe x1 and high-speed PCIe x16 slots permitting the extra graphic card expansion. iSignager-1000 is the perfect digital signage player for ultra-high resolution application (3840 x 2400).

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  • Support for Intel® Core 2 Duo, Core™ 2 Quad processor
  • Support for 2.5” HDD or CF card as the storage devices
  • Built-in LAN or Wireless LAN for remote communication
  • Must Buy iSignager AdMinistrator V4.x Box
  • Multiple media zone display
  • Multiple media format support, including flash, picture, video, html, text/ photo banner, and audio
  • Support multi format content display in one media block
  • Content preview function
21:11 02.07.2020