01:35 24.06.2017
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Industrial Computers and Solutions for Automation and Communication
Frankenring 6 30855 Langenhagen Germany
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IPC2U announces: New iROBO-ITX compact series

Model range iROBO-ITX comprises all advanced technologies, company experience in the development of tough industrial solutions. It faces up to all modern requirements in productivity and reliability. IPC2U keeps up with the time and offers products with the best price/quality terms to its clients. Model range iROBO-ITX enables our clients to find a compact, productive solution for the wide scope of tasks. Moreover, IPC2U does not confine its clients to the strictly standard configurations. Led by the individual consumer approach IPC2U also offers individual-made configurations of different difficulty levels. 

High reliability of compact computers is achieved by the usage of mini ITX motherboards, components of worldwide renowed companies as well as efficient cooling system. This cooling system, which can be also offered in passive version, let PC`s work under unfavorable conditions and in unserved rooms. 

Model range iROBO-ITX is the unexpensive solution in the compact chassis, which can be hung on the wall or placed on the table. The model range comprises systems based on the processors from AMD LX-800 to mobile Intel Core 2 Duo (it is tested now). A further feature of this model range is the possibility to connect an expansion card over PCI-slot.

iROBO-ITX Compact series

Currently you can order:

  • iROBO-ITX-LX800 - Compact PC auf der Basis von AMD LX-800 500MHz | 512DDR | 2xLAN | 160GB HDD SATA | slimCD-ROM | 1xPCI | 150W ATX
  • iROBO-ITX-C1 - Compact PC auf der Basis von Intel Celeron M 1GHz | 512MB DDR | 2xGBLAN | 80GB HDD SATA | slimCD-ROM | 1xPCI | 150W ATX
  • iROBO-ITX-CM370 - Compact PC auf der Basis von Intel Celeron M 370 1.5GHz | 512MB DDR | 2xGBLAN | 160GB HDD SATA | slimCD-ROM | 1xPCI | 150W ATX
  • iROBO-ITX-CMR - Compact PC auf der Basis von Intel Celeron M 370 1.5 GHz | 512MB DDR | 2xGbit LAN | 2x80GB HDD SATA/RAID 0,1 | slimCD-ROM/1xPCI | 150W ATX
  • iROBO-mATX-C2D - Compact PC auf der Basis von Intel Core 2 Duo E2180 2.0GHz | 2x512MB DDR2 | 2xGBLAN | 160GB HDD SATA | slimCD-ROM | 2xPCI | 1xPCI-E x16 | 1xPCI-E x1 | 250W ATX

For detailed information call your IPC2U Sales-Manager or send an email to

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01:35 24.06.2017