04:25 04.07.2020
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IPC2U announces: iROBO-I7980 - strong industry PC with the Intel Core i7-980X CPU!

IPC2U presents the iROBO-I7980 with the Intel Core i7-980X CPU. It completes the proved and popular iROBO-series and unifies a system out of quality, reliability and high power. The Intel Core i7-980X CPU is the worldwide fastest desktop processor in the market. It is eqipped with 6 cores and can process 12 threads at the same time.  It is the unbeatable solution for video cut, audio processing, CAD applications or 3D rendering with multi core support. 
The iROBO Industry PCs are guarantor for master class. Typical fields of application are process visualisations, robotics, industry automation, test stands for industry as well quality control. In all these areas the industry PC must fulfil special requirements regarding to commercial devices (e. g. in offices). Freedom from maintenance, long availability of components, fluctuating power supply and protection against other environment influence play also an important role.

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• Intel Core I7-980X 3330MHz LGA1366 12M Cache
• 12GB DDR 3 FSB 1333MHz RAM
• 500GB 24x7 SATA HDD
• NVIDIA Quadro FX Graphics
• 500W Power Supply
04:25 04.07.2020