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IPC2U presents you: The new Avalue Electronic Paper Display EPD-3133

The ideal solution for displaying non-moving information such as maps, timetables, menus, announcements, etc. indoors and outdoors: the new Electronic Paper Display EPD-3133 from our partner Avalue.


The technical data of the EPD-3133 at a glance:

  • Screen diagonal: 31.2"
  • Viewing angle: 180°
  • Optimal readability in sunlight
  • No power consumption when displaying static content
  • Processor: Intel Celeron Apollo Lake CPU
  • Connectivity: LAN/WiFi/LTE

A new, improved generation of paper displays

The new EPD-3133 is a large format and extremely flat Electronic Paper Display with a screen diagonal of 31.2". It was designed to display changing, motionless information in an optically appealing way indoors and outdoors.

The background of the display is unlit, white and gives the impression of a paper-like surface. The contents can be displayed in 16 gray scales and do not consume energy in static display. Not dissimilar to a paper poster, the viewing angle is 180° and increased light irradiation only makes the display easier to read. The display does not emit any heat and convinces with high robustness and break resistance.

All these attributes make the Electronic Paper Display EPD-3133 a reasonable alternative to paper posters or backlit LCD displays, e.g. for use in salesrooms, the hospitality industry, passenger transportation or in the context of smart city applications.

Intelligent display in the digital age

The display is controlled by an economical Celeron processor from Intel's Apollo Lake generation. Data transmission can be wired via LAN or wireless via WLAN and LTE. If interaction with the viewer is required, the EPD-3133 can also be equipped with a touch screen. A front illumination is also available for operation in dark environments. The EPD-3133 can also be connected to other EPD-3133 devices to form a large display. This way, information can be presented to a large audience at a distance in a clearly visible way. This function can be very helpful especially at concerts or festivals.

With its outstanding qualities in the areas of display and application, the EPD-3133 fulfills the expectations of the viewer for an always legible display of the content as well as those of the provider in terms of economy and robustness. With the flat, interactive, networked Electronic Paper Display, every operator can present his information in an intelligent and adaptive way.
17:09 18.09.2020