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IPC2U presents the HMI-043T series of 4.3" large HMIs from ICOP.


The HMI-043T human-machine interfaces have in common that they feature a 4.3" LED backlight TFT LCD screen with resistive touch, and are available as an open-frame version and as versions with aluminum housing for panel mounting and IP65 protected front.

The small PPC is based on ICOP's proven Vortex86Exm SoCs with 300MHz or 400MHz clock frequency. These are extremely economical in consumption and allow a completely fanless operation. As RAM, either 128MB or 256MB are used. As mass storage, an optional onboard SLC flash memory is available in the sizes 512MB, 4GB or 8GB. This can be replaced or expanded with an optional SD card.

In its basic configuration, the HMI features a USB 2.0 port, a 10/100Mbps Ethernet port in RJ45 and a COM interface in RS232/485 design. It is powered by either a 5V power supply, a wide range voltage input of 7-24VDC or optional PoE PD, which can drastically reduce cabling requirements. To extend the connection to the network or to separate it from physical transport paths, WiFi is optionally available. Furthermore, a CAN interface can be integrated.

A special highlight is the possibility to integrate an RFID reader. Thus the HMI-043T can also be used for access control, time recording or similar purposes.

The HMI-043T can operate in a temperature range of 0°C..50°C as standard, but a version with an extended operating temperature range of -20°C..60°C is also available if required.

DOS, Linux and Windows CE can be used as operating systems.

Product Code LCD Size CPU Type CPU Clock RAM Flash onboard I/O
HMI043TEM (EXm)3 (300MHz)1 (128MB)N (No Flash)
O(Open Frame)
B (O type + Case)
B (512 MB; SLC only)B01 (B type + I/O board with case)
B02 (B type + PoE I/O board with case)
E (4GB; SLC only)BC1(B type + CAN I/O board with case)
4 (400MHz)2(256GB)
BF (O type + Case + RFID)
F (8GB; MLC only)BF01 (B type + I/O board with case + RFID)
BF02 (B type + PoE I/O board with case + RFID)
BFC1(B type + CAN I/O board with case + RFID)

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