05:09 04.07.2020
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IPC2U announces: IOWA-LX - an extraordinary power-saving ISA-Board with AMD Geode!

IPC2U presents the IOWA-LX half-size motherboard with a to a great extent power-saving AMD Geode LX 600 CPU.
A special feature is the ISA bus, which is quite seldom with modern boards and allows deployment of old Add-Inn-Cards.
128MB DDR SDRAM are onboard. Up to further 512MB can be reinstalled. The board has a wide range of interfaces such as 1x Fast Ethernet, 2x RS-232, 1x RS232/485, 4x USB (internal), 2x SATA with RAID 0,1-support with 4x DI/ 4X DO.
IOWA-LX can operate between -10° C and +60°C
The board is well-suitable for free programmable HMI, process control and data acquisition, which require very high energy-efficiency and at the same time no extensive calculation.

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  • AMD Geode LX 600 366MHz CPU
  • Up to 512MB DDR SDRAM (up to 128MB onboard)
  • 1x LAN, 2x RS-232, 1x RS232/485, 4x USB (internal),
  • 2x SATA with RAID 0,1 support 
  • 4x DI/ 4X DO
  • Operating temperature  -10° C und +60°C
05:09 04.07.2020